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This is my 3rd..thats how much i love this.

I have tried dozens of bronzer and contours but i always go back to this. The tone of the bronzer is a perfect neutral and the highlights is just divinely natural. I have finished one these palettes and purchased my 2nd. However, with this beautiful package and a travel contour brush by just adding 6usd...i just needed this. Im quite set for a few years with my 2 CT palettes!

The babies of the original brushes

Im happy i have this in my collection as i missed out on the 1st 2. I find that the newly released brushes are softer... And these minis are just as soft. Please note that the powder brush is smaller than the original. Other than that, this set is perfect. This will be my go to for travel as it has everything.


Ive had this brush for 4 years now and its still in top shape and i absolutely cannot live without this. I lived in SPain for a year and this was just one of the few brushes i took with me because its that good. I highly recommend this brush...and im seriously thinking of getting another one.

I cannot live without this

This is my HG powder for the under eyes. Im on my 3rd jar of this. I tried to use other powders but i keep on going back to this one. Sure it has a tendency to leave a white cast if you do not apply properly or if you dont brush the excess powder off after you use this to bake..but if used properly...This is the BEST. As i previously stated, im on my rd jar, and have a 4th as a back up.

Worth every penny!!

I am very familiar with japanese brushes ad these are the only brushes i use. Sonia G’s brushes are at par...if not, better than some of my hakuhodo, chikuhodo, and koyudo brushes. Its super soft and delivers as described. Im now eyeing to buy the rest of her brushes to add to my collection!! I highly recommend Sonia’s brushes and you will NEVER regret purchasing them.

Lovely!...but too pricey for what it is

I have skipped on this cream since I saw this on various beautybloggers i religiously follow. I never bit the bullet since I was scared it would be too thick and woulnt not work for my combo skin. I am happy that Beautylish sent me a generous sample of this for me to try. All my presumptions were proven wrong upon application. A little goes a long way, it is thick but sinks into you skin so quick and really does give you the extra healthy glow. I am currently using organic skin products which already give me a glass skin effect prep for my make up but adding this was such treat! I also put on my cheeks a touch of the flawless filter just to be extra and I have super healthy looking skin!

Is it HG? It is for me but the price is just too much for what it really does.

Would I repurchase? Yes, possibly if I have extra bucks to burn why not.


I originally wanted the 4 but Im glad i took 3 as it is perfect for my current NC35 skin and will surely suit my NC30 skin when my tan fades away completely. I put it on too of my foundation and it works well. If you want the glow without the metallic or glitter effect then this is for you.

I need to play with this more but im currently on vacation but im gonna be a bit more tanned as im currently on another vacation heehee!

No make up make up!

Im really happy i bought this cc cream. I always stayed away from Bb and cc creams as I hate thick constistencies. This, however, like water on skin. Yes, it has a light coverage..but dont be fooled as it effectively evens out the skin tone and leaves your skin brights and clear throughout the day. I dont howver have much discorations or acne pigmentations to cover but this does the job minimizing my pores on my nose.

have been only using by terry base products now (that says alot because i love my chanel sublimage) i am never purchasing any other brand from now one. I will repurchase this over and over and over again!

Not one BT product has disappoibted me

Ever since i bought my first BT product (Sunny Flash brightening cc serum) i couldt stop buying her stuff its sooo good! I bought this so i can use it after i get a tan after my 1 week vacation in Palawan, Philippines. To my surprise its my shade at this moment and i used it for the first time today. Im not a fan of thick foundations so this one is perfect for me!! I love it so much i am planning yo buy 1 shade up so i will actually have a darker shade after mg trip!

Free sample surprise!!

I have previously tried the gold lust dry shampoo and i absolutely loved it. I am so happy beautylish sent me a sMple of this shampoo and conditioner as i am sooo in love with it. Although i have straight hair...the difference in the touch and shine is so noticeable with just one bath! The scent is the same as dry shampoo and the effect is the same...soft...prevents tangles for some reason too. I will be buying this with the conditioner once i get back from my travel (plus i still have 2 packages from beautylish im waiting to arrive hihihi!)

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