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My forever love

This used to be my go to shampoo and conditioner as it just left my hair so soft, smooth, and tangle free...that i needed to get this set. Its perfect since my boyfriend loves the hair oil on his curly locks! Im so happy this set is still available. I shall pull the trigger on another one!

The missing piece in my fude collection

I really didnt think i needed this especially with the price point. But, when i housed all my sonia g brushes ans some other fude eye brushes... I was so pleased.

For reference, i have the sky eye and face set, the pro face and eye set, the face one, base 1, sculpt 1, sculpt 3, smudger 2, and worker 1 and they all fit perfectly.. And i still have 1 slot left where i was able to place 7 more eye fude brushes :)

Im seriously thinkinh of buying 1 more, the only problem i have is all of my chikuhodo z and makie, and koyudo brushes wont fit... And that the brushes i have. It would only be able yo house my chikuhodo fo, homare (except the powder) and other fude brushes with thinner handles.

I wish Sonia would make a slightly bigger version or one without the middle divider sonwe could fit our bigger handled brushes 😊

But all in all.. I highly recommend this holder!


This the eye brush you need for a quick eye look.

I received my Sonia G Pro eye brushes almost the same time as I received my Pat Mcgrath Divine Roses duos. Before the pro set, i only had the Worker One from Sonia G eye brush collection. I wanted to try the PMs because it was also my first pm eyeshadow. I was battling which one in the pro eye I should use..and i chose this.

This brush can do everything. From laying down product, to blending, and smudging.

Let me just say that I am a fude brush collector but mostly face brushes. I think i stuck with face brushes because I did not have the best luck when i first bought a couple from hakuhodo years ago...and thats why I got a bit turned off using eyeshadows. While the bristles on my hakuhodos were extremely soft (goat and squirrel) the bristles splayed out, it did not blend well, and the application was patchy.

Its true what they say that your feelings about putting eyeshadow will change when you use the right brushes because thats how i feel with sonia g's. The bristles are extremely soft but lays down product beautifully and blends effortlessly.

I have currently bought both the pro and the sky eye sets and its the best decision Ive ever made.

Im so happy i bought this!

I thought people were joking that these were better than the pro because looking at the photos the shapes look basic. But oh my God. This fills the gap of what the pro and the fundamental brushes were missing. I love all Sonia Gs brushes. I adore all my chikuhodo and koyudo squirrel and fox brushes but i could safely say Sonia's brushes are as soft as those of the koyudos and chikuhodos.

I only lack the brush holder.. Which i just placed an order for 1! Im seriously contemplating in getting a 2nd but ill try to hold off 😂

Love this for hard presses powders!

I bought this specifically to use for my hard pressed and the gel powder formulas.. And my goodness... Did i make the right decision! Inwas of the notion that only "prickly" haired brushes wouls work for this type of formuka.. But boy did thia brush change my mind! I love using this with ny CT lovegasm palette, my chanel bronz et lumier, and chanel blushes!

A workhorse!

For size comparison, i set the brush beside the chikuhodo fo1, mk-2, and hakuhodo s104 brush. The brush color looks alot like the fo1 and almost... ALMOST has the same velvety feel on the face. I love this brush as it could do almost everything. I could travel with just this brush and ill be good. Use it for setting, buffing, bronzing, and even for blusher! I am so in love with this brush!

Perfect brush for a quick bronzer-contour

Finally found the perfect brush for brontouring with! My other brushes as shown in the photo are super soft and appropriate for very pigmented powders. The Inochige however is the perfect brush to use as the design allows it to pick up enough product and diffuse it with an airbrush effect without any effort at all. I highly recommend this brush. Im seriously contemplating on getting a second 1 as a back up!

trumped my DE and Dermlogica

Beautylish gifted me with a sample size with my purchase and im so happy i get to try this. I used to use the dermalogica and DE and i have to say...this one takes the top spot. Its smooths out on the skin, melts my makeup so quick and washes off my without effort. It also does not leave a film on my skin! I find with my DE I have to first wipe it off with a tissue and then wash off the residue but with this...its just so easy. I will purchase the actual size soon!

The missing brush in my collection

I bought this in 2018 and took it with me when i lived in Barcelona to take up further studies. This is the only brush i used to set and finish my make up and it is just the best. This is the only brush (given I have quite a collection of japanese fude brushes) that picks up and works bestl with my La Mer pressed powde. I am seriosly thinking of buying a back up when this eventually goes back in stock.

The only brush i need for a quick eye look

I dont wear eyeshadow on the daily but when i do, i need a quick and easy make up look --- this does the jobe for me. I hate changing brushes and with this brush, i can make a whole look. Makes my life so easy. Im looking to buy the sets soon.

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