Beauty Product Reviews

The worst for my skin!

Yes, it is invisible on camera, definitely not in real life. It made me break out so much, I just stopped trying to make it work for me. It cakes up so easily, it's impossible to work with. If you're a makeup artist for film stars, this is perfect, if you are a film star, this is perfect, if you're not remotely important and on television DO NOT BUY

Pretty sure it's just me...

This foundation cakes up really bad, incredibly easily, and it oxidizes a lot. I haven't heard anyone else talk about that, so I'm pretty sure it's just me. When it oxidizes it also ends up making me look orange when my skin tone is pretty neutral. Wouldn't reccomend.


After opening the tube, I was utterly horrified by the deep color that came out. I have incredibly pale skin, and I was thinking that there was no way this would ever work for me. After blending, it ended up looking completely stunning and I was definitely impressed

  • 2.0
Absolutely lovely!

I have terribly oily skin, and this stuff is thin in consistency yet has incredible coverage. It stays on all day which is perfect for me! Plus I don't break out when I use it, my perfect foundation.

Flawless foundation, does not fight blemishes

This foundation goes on nicely (in moderation) if you do put an excessive amount on it will cake up. I haven't noticed a difference in my complexion after using it for about two weeks. The matte effect wears off after a few hours, and I have to reapply powder often. I have really oily skin so that's a normal for me.