Beauty Product Reviews

Really good eyeliner Glides on super smoothly and looks neat. The only problem I have with it is the price. You can find similar eyeliners for a lot cheaper, and if you're willing to spend a lot of money on an eyeliner there are more expensive ones that are much better quality. But it's still good quality and I love the double sided ones with 2 colors.

They taste great but only stay on for several minutes. Everyone had them in 7th grade. Definitely not good quality lip gloss. A good gift for preteens but that's about it. Would not recommend for anyone over the age of 14

Great colors! Perfect amount of shimmer and easy to apply. Need to reapply after a meal, but that's expected for a lip gloss. I wish the red were a little more red. I love the nude one.

Definitely my favorite cheap mascara out there. I have pretty long lashes to begin with, so I like mascaras that add volume and thickness, but it's hard to find ones that don't clump. This one works great. I also don't take my makeup off as much as I should so I often have residual mascara on my lashes. This mascara I can reapply the following day and it won't clump. But after 2 applications, I need to use make up remover and start over or it will clump. But I think it was a great buy and I'm very happy with it

Probably my least favorite of all the maybelline mascara a I've tried. I think it would be better for people with shorter lashes but not for me. It makes my lashes look very thin. I have to give it credit for not clumping but it does not add much thickness at all.