Megan Y.

The color selection is lovely, some of the flavors are pretty decent, and the shine is great. However, they're more expensive than they need to be, they can be quite sticky, especially if you live somewhere hot like I do, and wear off fairly quickly. There are cheaper brands that work just as well, if not better, and I'll probably stick with those instead.

Molly O.

I was looking for a lip gloss that would moisten lips, taste good ,and give my lips a hint of color. I like the rose quartz lip gloss because it has a hint of sweetness and gives my lips moisture. I think that the product is average and is similar to many glosses, on the market that moisten and give a hint of color. I much prefer Loreals glosses that come in array of shades and cost much less than Lancome. i wouldn't recommend this product because it is very average and is more expensive than most drug store brands that moisten and color lips just as well. In terms of application, I use NYX lipstick in "Flirty" and dab "Rose quartz" to my lips to moisten and make lips look glossy. I would not buy Lancomes juicy tubes again and much prefer, Loreals affordable lip glosses.

Anna G.
nice yet overpriced

Lancomes' Juicy Tube Glosses are lovely shades. The baby pink and caramel glosses are my favourite and the small size of the product is really great for those girls on the go or for when a touch up is needed. However, the cost of this set is way too overpriced for a simple lipgloss. Also, it is quite sticky.

Jackie L.

They taste great but only stay on for several minutes. Everyone had them in 7th grade. Definitely not good quality lip gloss. A good gift for preteens but that's about it. Would not recommend for anyone over the age of 14