Beauty Product Reviews

Insanely good!! So beautiful and creamy, glides on effortlessly and doesn't leave my lips dry or show any cracking which for me is amazing as I have really dry lips all the time! I use the color 'Havana' for an every day wear to give my lips some color. I swear by this lipstick, even though it is expensive, my god it's worth it!!!

I use this product as a finishing touch for my lashes as I find it is GREAT for all day wear and keeps them looking perfect all day long!! also helps the previous mascara I use for volume as it sometimes clumps but then a few strokes of this one and clumps disappear!! recommend 100%:)

Not going to complain a lot that it didn't work as it was like $4 but I had finaaaaally got my eyebrows in perfect shape and drawn them on wonderfully then I used this mascara as a final touch and bam wiped off all of my 'drawing', if you like, and then the next day I found it impossible to draw on after applying the mascara and it ended up just ruining the shape of my eyebrow haha. But by all means for people who don't draw on there eye brows this product Moght actually work for you!!

Perfect. The actual pen itself lasts me for months!! stays on all day and does not smudge or crease and is so easy to apply with the fine lined pen. Perfect perfect perfect!

Yes yes yes!!!!!! Perfect. Best coverage I've ever found in a foundation, color match is also fantastic. The only issue I've recently been having (after months of wearing the same bottle) is that recently it has started to blotch around my t bone area on my forehead, this may be due to my temperamental skin but when this bottle runs out I might try another foundation, doubt there will be something with as great coverage!!

I use this product as a bronzer for contouring as I got it for free and when I was chosing there was only dark colors left. I also used it to mix with my regular foundation when I fake tan. Overall it is good for these uses but I have before tried it as regular foundation and I found a very oily texture and was left blotchy after a few hours. But as I said great for mixing or contouring!!

Not bad at all! I was given a try at this product when getting my makeup done for my formal and it stayed on with a perfect finish for the entire night + after party!! I started to then buy this product for a while and used it every day but unfortunately just too expensive for a high school student haha. The only other 'but' is I find I need something with more coverage for redness and un even skin where as this would be perfect for someone looking for something not-so-heavy

For me personally I found that after only a few hours (not even) it went incredibly blotchy and didn't have a great finish in the first place. It was also a really runny texture and didn't have a great amount of coverage!

I had a horrible experience with this BB cream and so did others I have spoken about it with!! Left my skin blotchy after only a few hours of wear and very oily and harsh - definitely do not recommend!!