Beauty Product Reviews

very impress-ive

they look great and lasted way longer than i expected. i wore some to prom and was asked where i got them done! only problem i had was matching the sizes just right because most of my nails are the same size.

love it!

so this is definatly one of my favorite dyes. for the most part this is the only color i use as a matter a fact i dyed my sister's hair with it this afternoon. the only downside is the amount of dye, my sister has long thick hair so it didnt completly color all of it luckily the color was close enough to her natural color that its not that noticable. i like this product because it is fast, affordable, and very easy to use

i keep seeing the comercial on tv so i had to try it. it really is as easy as it looks! ive tried other smoky eye sets and so far this is my favorite i definatly recomend it if you like the smoky look

love it!

my friend came over and told me about them and the next time she came she brought them for me to try. i was a little worried at first because my skin can be sensitive and i figured it would hurt but after tryin them i really like them. it doesnt hurt that bad and it really works im definatly goin to get some next time im out

i think im in love with this stuff! i have really oily skin but its sensitive too so i cant use just anything to wash my face. i like this because it smells great, doesnt irritate my skin, and leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed :)

i use carmex all the time i LOVE it :) the cherry is my favorite because of the taste. i think i have a thing of carmex in every room of my house and in my car