Beauty Product Reviews


pros: 1. I love the SMELL of it. I don't know it's like chocolate in some ways 2. I love the fact the color is brown, so I can see when I apply it on my skin 3. it comes with the applicator so we don't need to worry to buy an applicator. 4. it doesn't leave strikes or weird lines on your skin 5. glow finished 6. NATURAL looking not orange but bronze brown color

cons: 1. don't wear white or nude color after you applied this product on your skin, otherwise it's gonna stain

overall: worth the money tho! esp, you got the applicator as well :)

huff hate to say OKAY

I've been using this zero pencil for 4 month and I decided to make a review on this product.

pros: 1. I love the packaging with the lid on it, so in that way it doesn't make the pencil dries easily 2. it glides nicely since it's really soft 3. stays hours 4. doesn't smudge for couple of hours , but does lil smudge after 6 hours if you do excessive work 5. the zero one has GREAT INTENSIVE BLACK color compared to other products

cons: 1. somehow, I feel sticky after I use it for hours. it feels uncomfortable, esp if you put it on your both waterlines

overall: great to try (honestly , I've already re-purchased this product for couple of times)


yeah no against to this product at all :) just AH-MAAA-ZING !

pros: 1. the newest container is the best! last you for a quite a long time 2. doesn't crease your eye shadows 3. eye shadows say on for hours (literally HOURS) 4. the ORIGINAL one is really easy to blend

cons: HOWEVER, I found that the matte one doesn't blend as easy as the original one (honest opinion: I won't re-purchase for the matte one, it wasn't good at all for my skin tone, just looks too powdery for me as the finished look)

over all : TRY THIS ONE GIRL! it's worth the money :)

BRONZE finish!

CONS: 1. for me, I don't like the smell of it after putting all the mousse on my skin 2. if you have sensitive skin (better stay away) because it causes itchiness on your skin after you put the mousse (well, you will feel it after like 3 or 2 hours) 3. you MUST have the applicator for this! otherwise you will leave with strike everywhere which annoyed me a lot! (I thought just using our hands would be fine) 4. the color of the mousse isn't dark color , so basically it's hard to tell which part that you've been gone through

PROS: 1. it does work for the next day when you woke up in the morning! your skin is darker than before 2. the packaging is adorable

OVERALL: -even though I have lots of downsides of this product, I still like this product since they do really work for the next day (isn't that the purpose of using this product) . -it does works as gradual tan

FYI: -better by the applicator, in that way you won't leave any strike on your skin. Otherwise, it's gonna look so weird!

good luck!

over dewy for oily skin

CONS: 1. if you have oily skin, then this blush will make your oily skin becomes more oily 2. the shimmer to it, somehow makes my skin looks wet

PROS: 1. good packaging , like it (since has mirror on it) 2. good for dry to combination skin (not sure for combination skin)

OVERALL: -this is so biased in my opinion since I have oily skin and I don't really like shimmer finish for my blush. -IF you don't have that type of skin, then actually this is WORTH to try.

the best liquid liner ever!

CONS: 1. it's kinda pricey since we don't get that much amount of liner (need to stock up every 2/3months)

PROS: 1. it wont smudge 2. gonna stay for more than 12 hours (just lil bit fixing, but NOT a big deal-I hardly got into this situation) 3. it goes on very smooth which is I love 4. the tip of this liner is perfect! it really defines the name of the liner itself! precision point eyeliner!

OVER ALL: -worth it to try (or continuing to use it)


guys, trust me! when it comes to brush, we better invest for it. I thought at the first time that this brush is freaking expensive and I had to wait months to get this brush!

I have very sensitive skin and I'm not that lucky to try any brushes (I wish!). I need extremely soft brushes for my skin so in that way my skin doesn't irritate. This brush is really soft and take a good amount of powder.

try it guys! :)

LONG WEAR! =D worth the money

I've been struggling to find gel eye liner which is NOT smudge around my eyes. FINALLY, I found this product through many researches and why not I try this product. I have to say this time that I totally agree with majority that this eyeliner is really smooth and doesn't smudge for more than 12 hours!

HOWEVER, you have to be careful. don't forget to put the lid back ASAP after you used it since it will dry easily.

OVERALL, worth the money :)

perfect natural for medium color skin

I have to say that I'm in love with this color! this is really perfect color for natural look. Personally, I don't really like pink blush on my cheeks. The best thing about this color is the finish look of it which is matte! If you guys have oily skinny, then this is a good blush for you.*

*only if you like brownish peach color on your cheeks as a blush


super love this product. Since I am consuming accuntane right now, I have extremely dry lips. I will never change my lip-balm to another one because I found this is the best after I tried 5 different products. I know this is for men, but I need no-shiny lip-balm for my skin so yeah. lil pricey but worth it!