Beauty Product Reviews

Love L'oreal

This is a general rave about L'oreal Preference... it works great for covering grey and really holds it's color. Their Hair Color Remover worked great for taking me from a very dark brown color to blonde so I could change my hair color and their customer service is amazing whenever I get nervous or have a question. I would love to use the Feria, but it's not great for the coverage that I need. I love Preference and will stick with it.

Love it!

I only use it at night...My skin tends to be on the drier side and with the salicylic acid I tend to get a little dry (and if I use it too often my face swells up a bit, but I love it so much and it works so well that I just use it a bit less often) if I use it too often. I love how clean and fresh my face feels after I use it. I cleanse and exfoliates so well that my treatments and moisturizer just sink right into my skin. I love the scent, too. The pads are a little expensive if you use them twice a day, I would think. I had a couple of the pads not foam for some reason. The company was excellent when I called to tell them about it. I only called when it happened the third time. They have never had anyone call about that before, so maybe it's because I don't use them all the time and sometimes I take a couple of days off. I store them in a ziploc baggy now so I can be sure they are not getting dried out. They were excellent with their customer service! Sometimes, if I have heavy makeup on, I will gently pre-cleanse with a soft cleanser so the foaming pad doesn't get all "mucky" with makeup, as I don't want that to be buffed into my pores.

Excellent Coverage..Not Great for My Sensitive Skin

O.K. This is hard, because I loved how this covered my acne scars and was "layer-able". I watched a lot of reviews and tutorials on this on YouTube, which led me to try it. I think I was 180 Sand Beige which might have been just a touch too dark for me, but the next one down was too light. I applied this with a moist sponge to help smooth it on and did use a bit of extra moisturizer in areas that I tend to be more dry. This foundation "hid" everything. I have a lot of uneven tone in areas and inflammation marks under my skin that have a reddish/brown tint. It lasted all day (perhaps it was a bit tough to take off at the end of the day, but I didn't mind that since it kept me looking beautiful all day). I seemed to start breaking out, though. I may try it again to make sure it wasn't something else...but I'm very careful to only change one thing at a time because I know how sensitive my skin is. This was a very "layer-able" foundation so I could build it up a bit in some areas if I needed to. There are some fabulous tutorials on YouTube. I wish I could give it a 5...maybe after I try it again.

Easy, Lasting, Attention-Getting

I was a bit afraid to try these, as I am not usually very clever with my nails and do not have a steady hand. I was also worried about the assortment of sizes and not sure if they would fit my nails properly as I have very thin fingers and nails. My daughters wanted to try them, so we bought 2 boxes which would have enough for all three of us. We watched one of the videos on youtube and made sure to use nail polish remover on our nails to wipe away any oil or dirt before we applied the strips. We were able to use the wooden tool to gently "trim" any extra strip that was off the nail if the size of the strip was a bit too large. My daughter did hers herself and she is 9. We applied a top coat and waited to see how long they would last. The tips chipped just slightly at about 1 week or so. We were in the pool a lot and went bowling. You really couldn't tell unless you really looked closely. Make sure to let the top coat really dry, becuase we did have one strip smudge due to not letting the top coat dry. Otherwise, we had them last for 10 days to two weeks. Once, I needed to re-do my thumb and only had pinkie size strips left in the box...I took two pinkies and covered my thumb very nicely. You couldn't tell at all. We were very pleased! Have fun. I just wish they were a bit less expensive. Probably only for special events.

Amazing Product...Amazing Scent

I have dry-ish hair naturally and from processing...I'm always on the lookout for new anti-frizz and shine, smoothing products. A lot of products are heavy or greasy in my hair...this is neither. I use it mostly when my hair is dry and after styling (I notice with any oils I need to use it after styling as my hair won't hold style as well if I put it on first). I start by putting a small amount (it will be different for different hair types...I use about a nickel size) and rub it between my hands. I start by getting all my ends first and then smoothing it through a bit the lower half of my hair and the hair at the back of my neck. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and silky. Play with it when you aren't going out, if you have never used oil in your hair. I can't get enough of the scent! My hair looks and feels so shiny!!