Beauty Product Reviews

Good brush, but disappointing relative to old version and other WG brushes

I have many of Wayne's brushes and have been very pleased with all them (except the first "holiday" brush. However, this version of the #11 brush has been a bit of a let down. It is definitely soft and the perfect size/shape for powder, bronzer, or blush application. While the shape and taper of the brush appears expertly bundled, I am experiencing an unacceptable amount of shedding. I washed the brush when I received it and it shed about 5 hairs which can happen when there are some stray loose hairs left over from the manufacturing process. However, I've used this brush daily for the past week and it sheds 3-4 hairs everytime I use it. I have not experienced anything like this with any of my other WG brushes. So I have to assume this version of this brush is a dud. It's really too bad because the #11 is my favorite brush from the original face set.

It works well, but there are comparable options at a better price

I bought my first bottles of Bioderma in 2012 during a trip to Paris. If Lisa Eldridge sings its praises, I knew I had to have it. It was love at first swipe and I knew this was the only type of eye makeup remover I would ever want to use going forward. Now, for those that say this doesn't remove all their eye makeup, please note that you do need to let the saturated cotton pad rest on your eyes for about 10 seconds and after that most of the product should come off. I also press it between my lashes for a few seconds and wipe out and up to move mascara. That being said, I don't believe that this is the holy grail that everyone makes it out to least not for me. I recently tried the Garnier micellar water and found it to perform the exact same as Bioderma for 1/2 the price. So I can't really justify spending more for this product. However, if the Garnier product isn't available, I would definitely come back for the Bioderma.

The little workhorse that just won't quit

I originally bought this brush because I adore the shape and size of my MAC 109 for blush application. The problem is that the MAC 109 is so scratchy that it irritates my skin every time I use it. This brush is the only dupe for the MAC 109 (in terms of shape and size) that I've every come across. I would say it's a very slight bit less dense than the 109, but that is part of what makes this brush perfect. That along with having some of the softest bristles I've ever felt make this a dream for blending out blush on the apples of your cheeks. However, I have also found that this is a dream for applying my Laura Mercier loose minerals as well as buffing in bronzer. This brush can apply, blend, and buff powder products without ever disturbing the base you worked so hard to perfect underneath. Definitely considering adding a second one of these to my collection.

The cream shadow to rule them all!

I love cream shadows because good ones make for a great eye base/primer but also serve as an easy one shadow look that's perfect for days when you're in a rush or on vacation and want to spend more time exploring than doing your makeup. So that's all I expected from this product but I feel like I got much more. It's super easy to blend which means that a dark brown color can be used for a wash of color, a smokey eyeliner, or to deepen the outer 3rd of the lid. This has become my favorite brown liner for creating a subtle smoked out look on the top and bottom lashes that is perfect for daytime. Also, while the color range of these shadows stick seem familiar, they are indeed unique. Each has a subtle nuance that you can't dupe with any other cream shadow stick I've ever come across. I thought brown perfection and bronze moon would be similar to Laura Mercier shadow sticks that I own. However, I find that these not only blow the LM pencils out of the water in terms of performance, but even the colors have a more mature sparkle and beauty to them. Love, love, love these cream shadows.

A dream brush for blush lovers

I own Nars Taj Mahal and Exhibit A blush but have difficulty getting them to look natural. Then this brush came along and totally changed the game. I would have thought it would be too flimsy to be very useful, but that couldn't be further from the truth. If you own super pigmented blushes, this brush is a must-have. It can apply the lightest whisper of color and makes it easy to maintain diffused edges while building up color on the cheeks. Perfect bristle length and density for blush application as well as applying a light layer of loose setting/finishing powder without the risk of having cakeface. I ordered the MAC 137 that was released as part of the MAC is Beauty collection to see how it compared and this brush was the clear winner. The MAC one has a similar density and is almost as soft as this brush, but the bristles are too long and tapered in such a way that make it hard to blend blush with a nice swirling motion.