Beauty Product Reviews

I received this lipgloss in my Holiday VoxBox 2012! and I love this lipgloss it is very thin not thick and chunky. I wore this lipgloss to a party and It wears very well the shade is gorgeous and wearable. I purchased a try it kit from smashbox and the lipgloss is similar in shade to the nude york city and let me tell you the smashbox lipgloss is horrible it is chuncky, too glittery and i will never buy another lipgloss from them again! I love this lipgloss!!


I truly love these lip balms!!! They moisturize my lips so well. I usually put it on before i go to bed and in the morning my lips feel soft and supple. I also apply before I put my lipstick and it goes on so smoothly....awesome!

Woow!!! I love these blushes I own all of them and they are great for the price!! Very pigmented and wearable colors! candid coral is kind of sheer but i love it as a glow instead of a blush but overall these blushes are amazing and for 3 dollars common!!


This product is awesome!! I love that it has a good smell and doesnt smell like blah!!! I have been using this product since i was in high school i think? it never lets me down! when i finish curling my hair its smooth and shiny!!!