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Tried and true

If you're looking for a great daily moisturizer I would definitely recommend this one. It has a whipped, sorbet texture and is super light weight - absorbing into the skin quickly. I like this one because it's refreshing for the skin and doesn't leave me feeling sticky or tacky.

Great for prepping skin before makeup application and works easily for all skin types and is great for sensitive skin as well!

Flying? Say goodbye to dry under eyes.

Whenever I fly my skin always pays the price - the recycled air and lack of moisture just completely drains my face of any color and I look like a pale ghost. I started using these about 4 years ago and I cannot get enough of them. Pop them onto clean dry skin about 30 minutes before landing, remove, add a light concealer and a couple of swipes of mascara and voila! You are ready to start the day, right off the plane!

These are amazing for waking up those tired under eyes because of the plant based extracts which improve microcirculation, reducing dark circles and puffiness!

Natural looking and comfortable for everyday wear

I adore these lashes! These are definitely my go-to falsies. They are super light-weight and the lash band is very thin making them a dream to wear all day. I also love these because they're flattering on basically anyone! I use them on clients regularly and I've never found a face I didn't love them on!

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