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Beth I.
Lasts & lasts

Got this ages ago & still cleaning brushes. Excellent value. Pops under the sink with no mess. Will repurchase when I finally finish it.

Chevonese  G.
Clean and cares!

I usually use the beauty blender charcoal sold cleaner for my brushes. I tried this after reading the reviews and thought well as long as it's not any worse than what I currently have it's not masses of money spent and not really wasted money.

I can't believe I waited so long to get this shampoo after going back and forth on whether I really "needed" it. There was nothing particularly wrong with the beauty blender cleaner, but I hadn't tried anything else so had no comparison.

So, you don't get as much product per gram/$ as you do with the beauty blender solid cleaner, that's for sure. BUT this brush shampoo is not in the same league. My brushes were noticeably cleaner than usual and the shampoo washed out really easily.

I have used this for synthetic, undyed goat, died goat and grey squirrel. This shampoo performed equally well on all brushes, my brushes were much cleaner than they ever have been and what's more they felt softer after using this shampoo, especially my T-1 that I was finding a bit scratchy. The rose scent was very soft and pleasant and actually nice to neutralise the "goaty" smell I still had with some brushes. I

The way I see it now that I have tried it, I'm spending $$$ on brushes so it seems poor economics to use a cheap cleaner to save a few coins and risk ruining the brushes.

I am now getting this in grapefruit as well.

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Jeri A.
Works perfectly

I really like the fresh smell. It’s not overpowering. It foams nicely and cleans my natural hair brushes nicely. I haven’t seen any fraying.

Lila L.
This is amazing!

I used cleaned my brushes with soap and water not getting that deep clean I needed. Seeing this advertised was a life saver! Upon first use I was able to get my brushes clean using the Make Up Brush Guide. Thank you Beautylish for quick shipping. I will be purchasing this in a new scent!

Sara R.
Nicht sicher....

Für synthetische Pinsel oder für flüssig Makeup Pinsel finde ich das Shampoo total gut! Ich besitze aber noch einige Eichhörnchen- Pinsel die sehr empfindlich sind. Wenn ich sie mit diesem Shampoo wasche, werden sie so stark entfettet, dass ich mich dabei unwohl fühle.... für empfindliche naturhaar Pinsel würde ich lieber ein milderes Shampoo empfehlen, um sie nicht zu ruinieren...

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Simonne  S.
Perfect for natural hair brushes!

This brush soap is gentle and leaves brushes and beauty blenders squeaky clean, soft and as good as new.

It works equally as effectively on both natural and synthetic brushes. I like that all of the ingredients are natural and do not strip the brush bristles. I’ve used it with Sonia G, Wayne Goss & Zoeva brushes and would recommend using brush guards to dry natural brushes to help maintain their shape.

I deducted one star because the spearmint fragrance is undetectable, which is disappointing. However, the soap does have conditioning properties and removes dirt and bacteria effortlessly.

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B L.
Easy to wash off:)

It cleans the makeup off my brush nicely, washes off easily and does not leave any soapy residue behind. Will recommend!

Be mindful that it is unable to properly clean a sponge though.

Claire L.
Silky brush hair!

This was a pleasant surprise. I use this to wash my squirrel hair brushes. Other than being very easy to wash off (it doesn’t lather much), it leaves my brushes silky and hydrated. Normally my brushes blooms and get a bit rougher after wash but seems like this hydration controls them a bit. Smells great too. Minus 1 star for packaging and performance: when first opened it has a rough texture on top I thought I got a used product, there was also no seal. It also doesn’t remove all foundation traces from 1 wash, unlike my baby shampoo.

Yuewen H.


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Jennifer K.
Price jumped from $15 to $50 Canadian !

This is my absolute favorite brush & sponge cleaner , normally , but when I came on to reorder , the price for my fave scent jumped from 15 to 50 dollars but only for the grapefruit, the other scents are $37 !!! What gives ??? Please tell me this is an error because that is a ridiculous price . Hope to hear from you . Thanks , Beautylish .