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If you own a brush, any brush - buy these

Do yourself and your brushes a favor and buy these. They are seriously a game changer. I generally find that my brushes don't fully maintain their shape after a deep cleaning, even with proper care and drying - these absolutely change that. They help the brush dry and reshape the bristles so your brushes don't get splayed or misshapen. They come in a ton of different sizes, but I recommend grabbing the Large Variety as a first set so you can get a good idea of the sizing and which ones will work best with your collection

Holy smokes! This shadow is so black its giving Vantablack a run for its money. The shadow itself is super soft & velvety, but packs an insane punch. It works equally as well and is just as pigmented wet or dry. If you're looking for that perfect black shade for liner or a super smoked out eye, this is THE ONE.

Picture for reference is 1 swipe vs. 2 swipes vs. wet 😍

Perfect Prep Spray for fine hair

I love this prep spray. My hair is incredibly straight and fine, so it's always a struggle to find something that will help keep my heat styled curls in place with out dragging and weighing them down. I've found this one works amazing for my fine hair, helps my curls stay all day long, and the scent is to die for.

As a side note, if you're sensitive to smell, I would steer clear of this one as the scent while pleasant is notable.

Bombshell waves in half the time

I have excessively long hair, like 28+ inches of hair. It usually takes me over an hour to curl with a traditional curling iron. Not with this bad boy - I'm able to curl my whole head in less than 35 minutes! This hot tool works like magic. It heats up super quick because of the Tourmaline core and stays hot throughout use. I love that I only have to hold each strand for 10ish seconds as compared to 15-20 seconds. I am completely obsessed - well worth every single penny.

Perfect for an everyday eye

I absolutely love this palette for an every day eye look. I especially love how easy it makes it to bring a day time eye look into a lovely night time eye look. The shades don’t have a ton of fall out and if used with a natural fiber brush, blends seamlessly. If you’re looking for something to keep in your daily makeup bag, I highly recommend this one!

Texture, say so long!

This is probably my favorite exfoliator. I have normal to dry skin and I’ve been using this on and off for the last 4 years. It greatly reduced my pores, congestion, texture and improved my overall glow. I absolutely love that this one doesn’t stick to the villus hair on my face, unlike other exfoliators like this one. It’s also the only exfoliator I feel safe to use before makeup application. Give it a try - you won’t be disappointed!

Freelance MUA Must-Have

If you freelance, this is a kit must-have. Formula is super buttery and mixes very easily on a palette. We all know it’s so hard finding the perfect lip for yourself, let alone someone else, so having the power to mix and create a custom lipstick for a client is indispensable. Plus, I love how much of a space saver this is for me. It’s seriously so much easier than lugging sixty lipsticks plus any toppers and glosses that are needed for any given client.

Never Oily & Never Dry

I've tried a ton of dry shampoos and none of them have seemed to work for my long, fine but thick hair. This one is amazing. It doesn't leave a white residue on my dark brown hair and it doesn't leave it looking flat or lifeless.

I also have straight bangs and this breathes life back into them, making them look fresh and full, rather than oily and stringy! Try this dry shampoo, I am obsessed!!

Great for on the go!

I love this moisturizer for those days on the go, when I'm running late and I need something quick! I have pretty dry skin and this helps rehydrate and prime my skin so well. It works well alone and under make up. It's very fluid - so a little goes a very long way.

I only wish the bottle opening was a bit smaller so less product comes out when you squeeze!

What dry patches?

Seriously, so OBSESSED. I have normal to dry skin, but end up with a lot more texture in my t-zone, especially around my nose. I've tried a ton of different primers and this one is just perfect. The product itself is a super smooth, almost gel like texture, but once applied sinks in like a serum. It gives me a super hydrated and dewy appearance, but also helps keep my makeup from moving around or settling into my dry patches.

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