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Heard Great Things About this Lip Pencil & Shade — They Were All True

I first learned about Charlotte Tilbury on Pixiewoos on YouTube as they use some of her great products. One of the first products I saw them use was this pillow talk lipliner as a Lipstick. The one sister of Pixiewoos in UK absolutely loves this color and said it was the perfect nude/pink to go under almost any pink lipstick.

So, I had to try it and she was right. The color is fantastic and not so brown a fair skinned person with cool tones can’t wear it. It lasts long as I use it constantly and is a wonderful color alone, filling in the lips with gloss overtop, or with a pink lipstick shade over the liner with or without gloss. Love this product! This shade is pretty much the perfect nude-pink for any skintone!

In love With this Petfect Shiney Cream Eyeshadow Color

I love to have a light go to color that I can put on either under other eyeshadow to allow more ease to work in darker and lighter colors and this shade is perfect. I have never been a huge fan of cream eyeshadow before but ‘Mesmerise’ eyeshafow in the lightest color, has the perfect consistency and looks gleaming and pretty on your eyes alone or with a tiny bit of brown in the corner of your eyelid for a more natural nude-makeup look.

However, it also works great underneath eyeshadows as it helps them blend better and the sheen of the cream eyeshadow shows through and is also perfect under your brow, the Center of the eyelid, and on the inside corner. Love love! Will be repurchasing :)

Best Contour Shade and Highlighter for Fair Skin Ever!

My skin is very light, usually it takes the lightest foundation. Color with blue or pink undertones. This palette is the absolute perfect Contour shade for me and I just love it. The product had so for lasted well and never makes contoured areas appear to ‘orange’ as many other Contour/bronze shades do. The highlighter also impressed me a great deal. It has an elegant and beautiful sheen. I thought being so close to my skin color it would show up much but it looks amazing on, natural but still shimmery and beautiful in the light. I would very much purchase this palette again. It’s worth the money forsure!

Beautiful Clear Pink Gloss for Over Any Lipstick or Liner

I bought this gloss with the pillowtalk lipliner. The lipstick wasn’t available but I have similar shades. I put on the lipliner to shape my lips, put on a slightly more pink lipstick and add the gloss. I love because it stays on, gives you shines kissable lips and most of all — it’s not at all sticky and is actually very moisturizing. I’d buy it again, finding a non-sticky gloss is almost impossible!

Surprisingly Awesome

I had this mascara in a makeup box and I wasn't expecting much. But this mascara lasted me about 2 months in the trial size and by the end of the first month, even before, my eyelashes were most assuredly thicker and longer, especially longer. Surprised it worked so well and recommend it! My only sadness was b/c it was not waterproof and any non waterproof mascara ends up under my eyes if I don't wear waterproof over top. I don't mind doing that but this mascara is worth it b/c the product actually works!

Awesome CC cream - Great Coverage, A Bit too Matte!

Love it for summer has the SPF 50 and a light coverage that's also full. I did find it a bit matte but overall a great product and lasts 2.5 half months to three months and is a good value for CC Creams/Foundation. Love the anti-aging benefits but sad the illuminating CC didn't provide that 'illuminatinatiion' it promised. Literally, no difference between this one or the illuminating one.

Love love! The perfect Eyebrow Pencil

This is awesome the perfect brow pencil. The tip isn't too tiny or too big. Perfect for outlining brows and filling them in. The shade really is perfect for many skin tones. I'm a blond, blue-eyed but have always had brows that are darker. I like that this brown is ashy and a bit darker than an ash blond color. It isn't too red/yellow which is a great thing too Love it lasts almost three-months using every day!

Pretty Good Natural Lip Color

I love here color changing products that make our lips the perfect pink! It'sthe perfect color for me and moisturizing too. My only concern is it doesn't last very long. Smash Box has similar products for lips that last a great deal longer. Overall, very happy with the purchase!

Love it for Areas Needing Powder

This powder is great b/c it's light feeling but can give full coverage under eyes or over blemishes, it helps the CC cream last longer and if it's not something you need all he time (like me) it lasts a long time. Love that the sponge is kept underneath and that I can by the powder in my skin tone shade when I do need a bit of coverage. Debated whether to get this fair shade or the colorless powder. Got this one and happy I did!

Great Skin tone Color and Coversge But DOES NOT ILLUMINATE at all!!

I loved the original CC Cream that unlike any other CC cream, it has full coverage, but is still light coverage, with good ingredients for your skin. Coverage lasts all day but my skin has been drier has a hit 31 and 32 and I found the original CC a bit to matte for me. I was so excited for this illuminating CC only to try it and see it doesn't illuminate my skin at all there's no subtle sheen or anything it's pretty much matte. No difference at all between the original. Not unsatisfied but was looking for that summer glow and highlight and this isn't it!

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