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Pretty Satisfied - A Couple Different Skintone Colors Needed

It's a beautiful powder goes on nice, doesn't make me breakout but I'm a light skinned blue-eyed blond and this color is a bit too dark/reddish for me since It Cosmetics has only the one shade. A light/medium and medium/dark - 2 shades would be better even though the bronzer is ombré and is lighter in half of the bronzer. 3 shades would be even nicer! I have to be so careful how I apply this, that I only use the lighter section on my face and maybe the darker in the crease of my eye to bring everything together. As a contour shade the colors a bit off, a more Asher brown would work better. Still like it but still looking for a bronzer that considers light skinned blond/red heads. It's pretty impossible to find. The ombré in this helps though and if I mix and blend carefully I'm okay!

Great lipstick That Becomes Perfect Shade for Your Lips

A bit alarmed when this lipstick came with no light pink color as in picture but I did realize it was one of those become your best lip color shades. So once it warmed up and I did a couple of coats on my list was fine. Beautiful, feels nice, smooth, but leaves your lips shiney and appearing bigger. The perfect pink for a fair girl for everyday or at night. My only complaint, it comes off pretty easily. But it us is moisturizing and your lips don't feel dry after applying it. Worth the cost.

Actually a Universal Brow Pencil (Unless Your Hair is Black)

Was afraid it might be too dark for fair skin but it's perfect as my brows are naturally a bit darker. Cool toned so not too warm so perfect shade of brown. I like the sleek packaging and I've never worked with a fight tip before but appreciate the fine lines I can make around my brows and within. Smudges nice when I want bit lines stay sleek and defined when I want without the pencil being too soft. As long as it lasts me at least two and a half months (as most brow pencils of this medium but not too hard or soft texture do) I will purchase again even though it's a US purchase from a below Canadian dollar. Free shipping was awesome and helped :)

Great CC Cream for Skin That's Oiler in Summer

I wanted something lighter on my skin than my Urban Decay All Nighter foundation for spring and summer and this is the first actual CC Cream I tried with good coverage, not too dewy of a finish, and the perfect shade for super fair skin. Feels smooth and comfortable going on and love the broad spectrum and SPF 50 sunscreen for summer and spring. I saw several bloggers use this with similar fair skin and light hair/eyes so I purchased it on this site though I'm from Canada. Despite the exchange rate was a great buy and because I ordered over a certain amount shipping was free. The smell is good but it always leaves me a little uncertain as many products with a fragrance make me break out. This one didn't but still I'd rather it had less of a fragrance, my only complaint.

Light Powder that Gives A Bit More Coverage

My usual power is Almost Powder by Clinique and this stuff measures up well. Smooth to touch, my skin is never oily and I like how the sponge fits underneath the Powder. Perfect shade for my fair skin and I have about the lightest skin tone you can go before albino. Love that the SPF is so high and the Broad Spectrum sun coverage for summer vacations in the sun. Most definantly recommend this shade for fair women. Also, since I wasn't able to find It cosmetics in Canada, I was really happy to find them on this site with no cost for shipping since I spent a certain amount. My order was here in 2 business days flat :)

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