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Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil


Melissa F.
Not bad
Photo of product included with review by Melissa F.

Not as soft as many products that are similar, although it also doesn't smudge off as easy, which is good and bad. The shape didn't really make it easier to apply, which I was hoping for.

Catherine E.
Perfect for a first timer!

I have tried many brow pencils, gels, powders, etc.... This is the first true universal that I have come across and the first that I have found to be actually super easy to use especially for those that are new to drawing in brows or filling in. If you use a light hand, you get a light color and a heavy hand for darker colors. Either way, it looks so natural at the end! I will definitely continue to buy!

Jackie E.
My holy grail

This is my go-to brow product. I’ve tried so many other brands, even those touted as the best... but I always come back to this. I’m very blonde and also have some grey eyebrow hairs.. and this is the only product that covers them (if I haven’t got around to tinting them). When they say ‘universal’, they mean it! I mean, just look at the variety of people leaving reviews, all with different colourings So easy to work with.. I tend to use the edge of it to get a sharper point. You’ll find what works for you :)

Céline V.

Bonjour j'utilise ce produit depuis quatre jours et je le trouve super , il s'adapte bien a vos soucil , il tien bien toute la journée belle couleur je recommande à tous

Taylor D.
Love it

I have a hard time with brows and I've been trying to find the right match for me. I received this as a free sample and I love it. I can make my brows darker or lighter. If it's too dark all I have to do is just smudge it with a beauty blender sponge and it lightens it. I like to apply a setting spray before using it because it makes it glide on easier and it helps with wiping away any mistakes. I have dark red brown hair and it matched pretty good.

Nicole A.
Nice Brow Pencil

This is a good brow product, especially for those of us who are amateurs at applying brows. It isn’t overly pigmented so it is hard to apply too much or get overdrawn brows even if using a heavy hand. It goes on smooth without any tugging or dry formula. If you mess up and end up outside your brow, it is easy to gently wipe away from your skin.

Valentine I.
Great for when you're in a rush

Received this as a sample from Beautylish and am really enjoying it. It would work for most hair tones (except perhaps very fair or black hair) as the colour deepens if you use it with a bit more pressure. Love using it when I'm in a hurry. I can make my brows look reasonable with a few swipes before I have to rush out the door. It's quick and easy and stays put on my oily skin.

Abby V.

I got a sample of this in my last order and I wasn't really excited to try because anytime I try to do my brows I just look odd and normally I don't bother with my eyebrows, but this was actually perfect for me and filled my brows without being too harsh, but the pencil broke so now I have to be super careful. Not sure if I would buy this and will have to see if I really like it at the end of the sample, definitely works, but to be honest I don't know use a lot of eyebrow products, but this is very lightweight and looks very natural on my dark brown eyebrows

Amanda E.
Love love! The perfect Eyebrow Pencil

This is awesome the perfect brow pencil. The tip isn't too tiny or too big. Perfect for outlining brows and filling them in. The shade really is perfect for many skin tones. I'm a blond, blue-eyed but have always had brows that are darker. I like that this brown is ashy and a bit darker than an ash blond color. It isn't too red/yellow which is a great thing too Love it lasts almost three-months using every day!

Amanda E.
Actually a Universal Brow Pencil (Unless Your Hair is Black)

Was afraid it might be too dark for fair skin but it's perfect as my brows are naturally a bit darker. Cool toned so not too warm so perfect shade of brown. I like the sleek packaging and I've never worked with a fight tip before but appreciate the fine lines I can make around my brows and within. Smudges nice when I want bit lines stay sleek and defined when I want without the pencil being too soft. As long as it lasts me at least two and a half months (as most brow pencils of this medium but not too hard or soft texture do) I will purchase again even though it's a US purchase from a below Canadian dollar. Free shipping was awesome and helped :)

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