Beauty Product Reviews

Holy Grail!

I tried a lot of different foundations, always looking for my perfect one. I never really looked into this because it was labeled CC cream and I had no idea what that was or meant. Turns out, it's exactly what I needed! I have a lot of redness on my cheeks which this corrects and covers. The coverage is good but can also be sheered out with a Beauty Blender.

When I first applied it, I was a little concerned with its dewiness and overall finish since I have oily skin, but after you give it a moment to sit then set with some powder, it looks gorgeous and healthy. The name of it does not lie! It really does look like your skin but better! It doesn't cake in between my brows and around my nose as badly as other foundations which is amazing!

Wear time is not as long but it's fine for everyday. Given the physical sunscreen in it, it probably wasn't meant for a long night anyways and I imagine there would be flashback.

My only complaints are that I wish there were more shades. Light is a tad too light and medium is a bit too warm. I wish there was a medium neutral or something.

Amazing little brush

When I first got this brush I was that's tiny. But it is one powerful little tool. Makes tightlining a breeze and creating a wing effortless. I want to get another one for my brows because when I use it with gel eyeliner, the eyeliner hardens the brush when it dries. You kind of have to work quickly when using with a gel eyeliner or have some makeup wipes on hand to remove the dried eyeliner from the brush since it's so small.


This is serious stuff. It will stick pigments and glitter to your skin like no other and keep it there until you scrub it off. I am giving it 5 stars because it does what was advertised but want to note that it is so good at what it does that removing it is quite difficult. You will need an oil based remover and will need to rub it a bit. Like another reviewer noted, if you use too much it becomes a balled up goopy mess of glitter. Go in lightly. It will take you through any event, concert, or music festival. But for someone like me who just likes playing with makeup and glitter for everyday use, I think the regular glitter base would be a better bet.

I'm a believer!

I was really hesitant to spend this much money on makeup brushes. I was also skeptical of all the great reviews. I guess my cynicism is showing... However, after many years of using various brushes from all the usual suspects (MAC, Sigma, Zoeva, Morphe, etc..) I decided it was time to upgrade to high end brushes and I'm never looking back! These are stunning! They are delicate yet well made, and I feel like an artist when I use them. The hairs are softer than any of the other brands mentioned above. They also make blending so effortless. I never really though much about brushes when it came to blending. I just thought they were all kind of the same. But after using these, it makes such a difference! I know people have complaints that they are all so similar looking but after using them, you will find that they are quite different and each have their own use.

The tapered points on them make them especially great for my Asian eyes, where precision is key, as a simple smokey eye can quickly look like a punch in the face. All in all, a wonderful treat to myself and makes the process of applying makeup a joy.