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Beauty Product Reviews

Sheds the most of all my high end brushes

I have been become an aficionado of high end brushes as I own Hakuhodo, Sonia G, Chikuhodo and Wayne Goss. Of all the face brushes I've purchased from these brands I understand some may undergo shedding. This is still experiencing shedding after careful cleaning. I've used this about 6 applications and I'm still having to pick hairs off my face. I am getting discouraged by it but I don't want to take away from the fact its soft. Doesn't feel scratchy on my face. I am trying to learn to use brushes for liquid foundation as I've long loved and still do the Beauty Blender. I wanted to try and learn something different so I think the streaky brush strokes is just my fear to buff in the foundation. I definitely don't want to buff too hard but again its not scratchy compared to synthetic. I normally wouldn't purchase real hair for liquid but I decided to give it a shot.

Dewy and Easy to Apply with a Beauty Blender

This is pretty dewy as I usually prefer a more natural finish. If you set it with a powder it will look fine. The intention for me getting this is to travel with this as to not deal with a liquid. I think this is better if I wear this as a winter foundation as it is slightly lighter. I wear 3.5 in Giorgio Armani and 27S in Tarte Rainforest of the Sea. I have normal to combination in the summer and I lean dry in the winter. This is better than other cushion foundations that run more neutral and make me look really white for it being the darkest say for La Neige.

Small Hooded Asian Eyes for Blending and Replacing MAC #217

I prefer to use this over the tried and true MAC 217. I find this softer and better at picking up all over color. I mean I know 217 is natural hair but you can tell Wayne Goss quality is much better. I find this softer and great for me to apply the transition/all over color. My eyes are too small to use this as a crease brush. I'm debating to purchase a back up as I tried to use the Hakuhodo J5523 and prefer the Wayne Goss 18.

I actually use this for bronzer

I know this is for blush but I actually really like this for bronzer. I want a lighter application as I use the Marc Jacobs tan-tastic or my ABH bronzers Tawny or Rosewood. I just think that I this helps me from not getting too heavy handed. I love the longer handle than my Hakuhodo brushes. The hairs are so soft to the touch and I don't feel that I'm scratching my face when applying powder. It's beautiful and surprised no shedding as of the high end brushes such as my Wayne Goss #11 & #12 brushes have been shedding. It gives it a nice dusting and also I'm able to buff if I need to but it's not dense so you're not going to be able to do hardcore buffing with this brush by any means.

Convinced This is Worth It

I debated getting a hakuhodo but after watching Stephanie Nicole and her review of the brushes I decided to again trust her review and comparisons to get Wayne Goss Face brushes and I do not regret it. They don't scratch up my face like my old MAC brushes. I had one strand of hair fall out but that's fine. It is true this brush doesn't move your foundation around either. Definitely good to have when you're looking to upgrade your face brushes to the next level.

Short handle but good for cream shadow

I use this brush to help smudge my Laura Mercier Caviar sticks onto my lid as a base for my day time smoky look. Even though I don't necessarily need the precision it is helpful because I have Asian monolid eyes so I create my own lid with it. The handle is shorter than most average brushes. I

Beautiful Long Handle and Picks/Deposits Brow Powder Well

I had originally wanted to buy the Wayne Goss one but it was sold out so Beautylish representative suggested this. It seems to be in between of the three that Chikuhodo has to offer in this series. I would say this is the "medium" and it's slightly bigger than the Wayne Goss brow brush. My eyesbrows are not that thick more like medium with some hair. I use Anastasia Brow Duo powder with this brush and it's great. I love that its stiff but still is able to deposit color back onto my brow. This is also my first Chikuhodo as I own Hakuhodo and Wayne Goss.

Actually use it for Cream shadow

I use this to help cleaned up and define my edges when I use my Laura Mercier Caviar sticks when I lady down the base for my daily brown smoky look. I think moves the cream shadow well. I have the Asian eyes without the fold so I have to draw a very and 'thick' line to give the illusion of a fold.


I really debated investing as I read many of the community's reviews and decided I won't know until I try. I think they are truly and feel the quality of them but I'm still somewhat of a novice I guess and I find at glance they all seem to be like a similar taper shape but of very sizes. I think I need to just learn how to adjust my style of application to these brushes which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Just forces me to learn application in a new way. I have the hooded Asian guys where my lid folder under and my lashes are long and pointed downward if that helps. I don't think it's necessarily for hooded eyes. Again, I agree these are very good for blending without feeling the scratchy feel so I appreciate that.