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Hardly Your Everyday Hairspray

I am a big hair personality with a fine/limp hair curse. But some quick, all-over sprays of this stuff give me instant undeniable height, texture, and fullness. For me, this is not a hairspray. It's a hair type transformer. I use it on my hair when I don't even style it to get some nice body and a little edge.

Finally, no mess!

What I love most about this powder is the packaging. Never mind that it sets my makeup with a light, yet flawless finish and is just as good as any other loose powder I've ever tried. What does it for me is the fact that the packaging makes this stuff absolutely spill-proof! Plus, there's no need to shake the thing like crazy to actually get the powder to come out through the little holes in the top (don't you hate that?). It's easy to dispense the perfect amount of product every time. The negatives in my opinion me are that it takes up a lot of space, and is very, very pricey for a drugstore brand (although it does last a long time). The brush it comes with is perfectly fine, but you will want to wash it fairly often.

Orgasm is Overrated

How could I not try NARS blush in Orgasm after reading rave review after rave review in all the top beauty and fashion mags? This is obviously the perpetual "It Blush," but now that I've succumbed to the whole "buy and try," I'm left wondering, "Why??" On my fair skin, this is a typical nice and natural pinkish hue.. Unfortunately, I'm not a typical nice and natural girl (I need a little extra punch of something special before i'm sold) and even if I was, I know I could find a slew of comparable products for less.

Switching Mascaras is No Longer an Option

I'm always skeptical about mascaras. I love drama; I want big, fat, long, "yes, I'm wearing mascara" lashes without the clumps, the flaking, or the blurring. The holy grail, right? I've tried everything from the weird, wandless mascaras to the much-loved and super expensive Diorshow, but nothing met my absurd stabdards until I borrowed this from a friend and was floored.Yes, Maybelline beats Diorshow, at least in my book! I Immediately ran out to purchase my own tube, possibly that very same day. Easy to do since it's sold in every major drug store! Now, I have dainty, blink-and-you'll-miss-them light brown lashes. One coat of this mascara gives me major length, major volume, and minimal clumping, flaking, etc. Once in a great while I may have to pick out a small clump in the morning, but we do that with all mascaras at some point. Come on. I WILL caution you that you don't want to go crazy layering this stuff. That's when you will get the lashes-glued-together look. Really, one coat is all you need. And remember, that's coming from a woman who likes her lashes loud.

No complaints, only praise!

Never will I ever use a different product on my brows. I'm a natural light blonde, with dark blonde brows. I find that the ash blonde shade is a little too full for me. Ii was afraid the blonde shade wouldn't show up, but it ended up being a perfect, highly visible honey color. I love the dual-ended brush/pencil attribute, and both sides work really well! The brush is sturdy but not at all scratchy, and I barely ever have to sharpen the pencil, which is, somehow, never too pointy, nor too smudgy. Finished look is polished and natural every time.

Sure-Bet Bronzer for Fair Skin

I continue to purchase NARS bronzer in Laguna. I have fair skin, so finding a shade that doesn't look muddy or orange can be tricky for me. This product goes on nice and smooth, and looks completely natural without a lot of blending. I use it to contour, as well as to brighten up my complexion. There's no shimmer, which works well for me: I have oily skin, so the last thing I need is more shine! Plus, if you're looking for a bronzer that will help to contour your face, glittery bits will only backfire! Finally, I appreciate NARS packaging. It's sturdy, and its matte finish doesn't scratch or stain. It does, however, tend to attract any loose powder in my makeup bag like a magnet!

Like a Pretty Espresso Shot for Your Eyes

My struggle with purple undereye rings and "sleep deprived/new-mom-puffiness" came to an end when I purchased this product. It is so light, so smooth, and so blendable, that neither you, nor anyone else will even know it's there...until you look in the mirror and realize that its light-reflecting abilities make you look ten times more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I use it only as an undereye concealer. I know others like to use it as a highlighter, but I personally feel it's too flesh-toned and not shimmery enough for that particular job. Now, does it work as well as Photoshop? No. It's not magic. But I've never seen anything comparable. When our income took a hit, I tried to switch to less expensive options, only to switch right back in a hurry. One word of warning: when you first purchase this item, you'll need to click the top of the pen a few times to get any product to come out. Don't get frustrated - it is in there! And after that first day if usage, you shouldn't have a problem.

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