Beauty Product Reviews

Totally worth MORE than the investment

I saw this at urban outfitters and was like, should i or shouldn't i? I mean it is only five bucks but will it be worth it? I ended up leaving with out it. A week later I saw it again at Big Lots!. It was a total sign. It was the eyeshadow fairy god mother telling me i should just get it. So i did. Same price as urban outfitters only they had 4 different color 32 palettes. Studio 32-Piece Eyeshadow Palette in the white packaging came in Warm or Cool. Warm was pinks Cool was blues. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition in black packaging also 32 colors. Also in Warm and Cool. Warm comes in Neutrals. Cool comes in a variety of blues,greens,pinks. I got the Warm Neutrals. and i LOVE IT. I only have 4/5 stars because i feel like the color opacity could've been better but i gave it 4 starts because the colors are so good and it was only 5 bucks!!

Big Lots! also had really cool quads that came with liner and primer for 3$. In several different colors. I may be back for for a cool purple smokey eye quad. There were a ton of ELF palettes there. It took quite a while for me to pick. This is my first ELF palette and I wouldn't mind getting more!

My favourite liner!

I really love the felt tip on this! I can do the most perfect cat eyes from thin to super thick! It does dry out kinda fast but it's only 1.99 at Walgreen's so no biggie. The one draw back for me is, now during my allergies my eyes water and it doesn't come in waterproof. :( So I am looking for something similar in a waterproof formula. Any suggestions?

Don't Bother!

Although the price may seem enticing at 1.99, really, in this case it's you get what you pay for! Super wack! I opened the package and the "felt" tip was more of a brush that bends and makes a mess. Could not get a precise line because of the brush. It came out more like a brush stroke.

Don't waste your 1.99. Buy a pack of gum instead!


I've been using Be Delicious for a little over 5 years now. I do wear other scents, but I can't find anything i love as much as this.. This is my "signature scent" and when my friends smell it on other girls they say they're reminded of me. :) I get lots of compliments from boys on it. Most recently I was told I smelled like an angel. LOL! Whatever that means. This is a citrus/fruity scent. It is more of a spring summer scent but I can't help but wear it all year long. DKNY has few other Be Delicious scents such as Red Delicious which is much a much sweeter sugary scent, Fresh Blossom which is a lighter apricot scent, Delicious Night - which is a heavier blackberry musk. Then there are the Be Delicious JUICED which were limited edition. The newest is the Golden Delicious which is a more flowery scent. NONE of these, in my opinion anyway, compare the the original Be Delicious!

So fun for spring

I love these colors they're a good consistency, good brush, and they're priced right at 1.99. Plus there are so many colors. Timbleberry is an fun coral color I have it on now!