Beauty Product Reviews

Took awhile for me to love it

It took me some time to really like this product. When I first got it, it was good but not something I found myself reaching for every day. However, the more I have used it, the more I like it. It sort of creeps up on you. Part of the issue was the shade. I initially got the shade Light. This ended up being too dark for me, even in the summer when I have more color. I then purchased the shade FAIR in the Illumination CC cream. This was not a great shade match either and had too much glitter in it for my taste. I like a nice dewy foundation but I don't like the appearance of specks of glitter on my skin. I will say that the FAIR shade works pretty good as my winter shade. I started mixing both the FAIR illumination and LIGHT regular CC cream and this is a better shade match and tones down the glitter in the illumination. Once I figured that out, I started using this product more and find that it has really good coverage and it feels really good on the skin. It is comfortable and I don't have an issue with it transferring or slipping. In cooler seasons, I do not need to set this with a powder if I don't want to and products blend nicely over top of it. You get better coverage going in with a brush but you can easily sheer this out by adding moisturizer or going in with little product and a damp beauty blender. I prefer to go in with a beauty blender as I don't always need much coverage but I like that this is buildable and you can get the coverage if needed. I also really like the packaging. I know a lot of people don't like a tube as they feel product is wasted. I prefer a tube with a pump. They are easier to travel with as you don't have to worry about them breaking and you can always cut the tube when you get low and can no longer pump it out and transfer the product to a jar. I took one star off because of the shade range. I have to purchase two of these just to get it to work for me which ends up being pricey.

My Perfect Nude

This is one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas and I can't seem to stop wearing them! I have four shades in Cool Girl, Sell Out, Mrs Roper, and Lady Balls and plan to get more. As someone who is always looking for the perfect liquid lipstick that is not drying, opaque and will last, this did NOT disappoint. I like that the color of the boxes they come in correlate with the color you are purchasing. The bottle and packaging is cute but it can be difficult to store if you use any lipstick holders as the bottom of the tube flares out.

The product itself sets on the lips without tugging or pulling. I do find that I have to go in with two swipes - one for my bottom lip and one for my top lip. It is really comfortable for the most part and the formula is really light. I do notice that it can become a bit dry after the 4 hour mark but I am just amazed that it lasts for that long without feeling dry to begin with! I don't have any issue with this settling into any fine lines at all and it doesn't transfer! It literally lasts so well on the lips and when it does start to fade, it fades pretty evenly. Now for the colors I own:

Cool Girl: This is my go to nude shade. It is truly a true nude that is more neutral.

Sell Out:This is a really nice soft pinky brown with more of a peachy (warm) undertone. I love this for a Fall "nude" lip.

Mrs Roper: It is descriped as a bright tangerine. It is the perfect orange shade for summer! I love this for a statement lip in the warmer months. It is fun and flirty.

Lady Balls: This is described as a true red. It is a deep red with cool, blue undertones. I find that this is really a classic red that I reach for when I want a statement lip.

If you have drier lips and are worried about matte formulas, I would suggest laying down a balm while you get ready and applying the lipstick last. If you like matte lips and don't mind a liquid formula, I would highly recommend this product!

A little goes a long way

I have a difficult time finding concealers that do not crease or make my undereyes look like the Sahara Desert. I received a sample of this to try and I immediately purchased the full size in both the original and illuminating one. This product lasts all day and does not crease on me for the most part. I do have to set it with a little loose powder but it is not overly drying and looks very natural. It is full coverage and a little goes a long way. I do always apply an eye cream and it works well the bye bye under eyes eye cream. My only complaint and the reason I took of one star is that it is sooo thick! It is easy to go in with too much product which can end up cakey if you are not careful. I would recommend this product, especially for those of us starting to see signs of aging.

Nice Brow Pencil

This is a good brow product, especially for those of us who are amateurs at applying brows. It isn’t overly pigmented so it is hard to apply too much or get overdrawn brows even if using a heavy hand. It goes on smooth without any tugging or dry formula. If you mess up and end up outside your brow, it is easy to gently wipe away from your skin.

No - Just No.

I am in my 30s and have combo skin so I bought this thinking it would be perfect for me. It claims to be a foundation for all skin types with medium coverage and a radiant finish. Sadly, it did not give me the results I wanted. Here is my feedback based on my experience with this product and their claims:

Skin Types/Lasting Power: I do not agree that this is for all skin types. It slips off after a few hours and settles into fine lines and emphasizes texture you didn't even know you had. It also clung to any dry patches that I had. I tried using this multiple times with different primers and setting powders and no matter what I tried, I could not get this to work. I even tried mixing it with other foundations and still no luck. For reference, I did use two different BECCA primers with this foundation (Blurring and Backlight) and am meticulous with skin care and prepping my skin.

Coverage: I tried applying this product with a brush and a damp beauty blender. I did get better coverage with a brush but the finish was not as radiant and it looked really cakey on my skin. When I applied with a damp beauty blender, I went in with minimal product and got a light coverage. I prefer light coverage so this was okay with me. I definitely think you can achieve medium coverage, especially if you are using a brush.

Finish: I agree that this is radiant when you go in with a damp beauty blender and a light layer. I found it to me a bit more natural when using a brush to achieve higher coverage.

Shade: The shade Fair was a good color match on me. I found that it has pretty neutral undertones.

I gave it two stars because the consistency is really nice (not too liquidy and not thick) and it does have a nice radiant finish when using a beauty blender. However, the cons far outweigh the pros in my opinion. It just did not look good on my skin shortly after applying and I ended up looking pretty horrible throughout the day. I would not recommend this product if you have similar skin type as I do. I honestly do not think it would perform on oily or dry skin since it separates with any oil production and it clings really bad to any dry patches. Maybe if you have normal skin without any skin concerns (texture, fine lines, etc...) this would work. Sadly, I will not be repurchasing or recommending.

Nice Matte Bronzer

This is a nice matte bronzer. It doesn’t have an overly warm undertone so there’s no risk of it looking too orange on the skin. I find that works perfectly fine with lighter skin tones and all undertones. It is a bit too warm to contour with in my opinion but if you have warmer undertones it could work. It blends well with my other products, and I can use it on top of powder or just liquid foundation. The only thing I don’t like is the packaging. I know most people really like the packaging but I prefer a sturdy compact. I think it’s a good price point considering most drugstore brand bronzers I’ve tried with the exception of physicians formula butter bronzer, are much too warm/muddy/orange toned. I own a ton of bronzers and this is perfectly fine. Is it one of my favorites? I would say I have a few I prefer over this but it would be in my top 5.

Creeps up on you

I was hesitant to try this as I have not had good luck with BECCA foundations. First, let me start by saying I didn't really like this foundation when I first got it. It was a little too thick for me and didn't last that long on my skin. However, after playing with it and trying different application methods, I find myself enjoying this foundation now. Here are my thoughts based on the claims:Coverage: Medium - I did find that this had medium coverage. I am normally a light coverage kind of girl but this adds that little extra when needed. I also mix it in with a moisturizer when I want to thin it out and have lighter coverage. This has worked for me and I prefer it this way.Skin type: All skin types - I have combination skin this time of year. My T-zone definitely produces more oils in the summer months. It works for me and what I am looking for but I feel that if you have really oily skin, this may break up easily and if you have really dry skin, this may stick to dry patches as it does have a thick consistency.Finish: Natural - I definitely agree that the finish is natural. The finish is one of the things I really love about this foundation. It looks very natural and gives your skin a really healthy appearance.Additional Claims: A weightless, buildable, velvety, natural finish that mimics the look of smooth, healthy skin. I do agree with all the claims except the weightless claim. This is pretty thick and you can definitely feel that you have foundation sitting on your skin. If you are used to full coverage or thicker foundations, this won't bother you at all. If you are like me and used to light coverage formulas, this will feel heavy. I usually mix this with a light moisturizer and it thins it out and doesn't feel as heavy when applied. The finish is beautiful. I definitely agree that it is velvety. It doesn't last the longest on my skin but I don't really mind that as I don't use this for longevity - I have other foundations I reach for for lasting power.


This stuff is AMAZE-BALLS! In all seriousness, I am a skincare freak, especially once I hit my 30s. I have tried a million different skin care products and spent enough to purchase a small island at this point. I found other actives to be too harsh on my skin or I just didn’t notice that much of a difference. About a year ago, I decided to take the plunge and purchased this kit and let me tell you, it changed my life! While my skin wasn’t terribly problematic before, I did have some texture and problem areas (I’m looking at you, T-Zone). My skin just felt and appeared dull. After using this, I noticed a significant difference in my skins texture and appearance. It just looked brighter and more radiant and it was soooo smooth. I noticed results pretty immediate which is awesome! Who doesn't like immediate gratification?!?! This is my go to now and I will NEVER purchase any other brand. I use this at night in conjunction with Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil. They really are the power couple of skincare when used together! I know many people are curious between this product and Drunk Elephant Night Serum. I will say that DE is primarily a glycolic acid (it also contains citric, Salicylic, and lactic). It is also a clear gel like serum whereas Sunday Riley is Lactic Acid suspended in a thicker, milky formula. My skin is sensitive to Glycolic Acid and I found that SR GG is much easier on my skin but still delivers immediate results. I can’t say enough good things about Sunday Riley! If you are on the fence and the price is holding you back, definitely try the kits out. They usually have the kits available at some retailers. You get a decent amount of product and can decide if it works for you before dropping the (really) big bucks.

Great lasting power for a cream highlight

I typically prefer cream products over powder. I feel that they are more natural and flattering on my skin. However, most cream highlighters I tried tend to be a bit "sticky" and don't dry down which makes them prone to slipping all over the face. This cream highlighter had a semi balmy consistency that gave it enough slip to feel and blend like a cream highlighter but not enough to feel greasy or tacky. I did find that it didn’t fully dry down, but it stayed in place for a while on me before breaking down a bit. I didn't find that it slipped around during the day - instead it just started to break down towards the end of the day. It has nice color payoff in a single swipe from the tube and was easy to blend out. I do find it easier to apply using a beauty blender rather than swiping it across the face directly from the tube. Swiping it can disturb the product underneath and using a beauty blender to dab it on the stick and then directly on your cheeks worked much better for me. If you are going in directly with the stick to your face, I would recommend letting your foundation completely dry down before you do this. Overall, I think this is one of the better cream highlighters I have tried. Is it worth the money? The jury is still out on that. I definitely really enjoy this and am glad I purchased it. I will need to keep using this and see how long it lasts me before I can say that it is worth the price tag. If you don't have an issue with the cost, I would say go for it - it is beautiful on the skin.

Is it worth it?

You may ask yourself if the $45 price tag is with it? My response would be 100% YES. I read another review where someone mentioned they were drawn to this product for so many reasons (I don't recall the particulars) but I have to agree. The packaging ant the way the product looks in the pan just draws you in when you see it in person. I am skeptic of powders as I haven't had much luck finding powders that work for me and my skin. They just end up looking dry and cakey or they are okay for under my eyes but not the rest of my face or the other way around. So to say that I was skeptical about the price tag is understatement. I decided to give this try after reading so many great reviews and ordered the mini size of the Diffused Light and let me tell you, I fell in love with it! This really is one of the more unique pressed powders on the market in my opinion. The main function of the powder is to "diffuse" light to give a soft focus and blur imperfections. I must say that I agree! The ingredients list has a lot of ingredients that play with or effect light, like mica and silica (and a bunch of other ones that I won't pretend to know what they do). This is what makes this powder so unique. I find that it really does provide a nice, soft finish. I am able to use this all over my face and under my eyes which is pretty rare, especially for a pressed powder. I immediately went and bought the full size and I have not regretted it since. If you are curious about these powders, I would recommend trying the mini sizes first. There are descriptions for each one explaining what each powder does on the hourglass website. I don't think you will disappointed once you try them!

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