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My dearest treasure <3

This is my favorite perfume EVER, and this is the only one I have of it, so I keep it safe in its little box on my dresser. It's so wonderful. I love it so much! XD It's adorable, and I believe I got it at Sephora for, like, $18. Pretty darn good!

Hard to say. I liked it when I smelled the little spritz sample on the little piece of paper (you guys know what I mean by this, right...?), and when I smelled it from the bottle, but... I don't know how to say this... it smells different on your body? I sprayed it on my wrist, and it didn't appeal to me anymore. I don't understand why. It was so wierd...

I like this scent a lot, but my sister likes it even more. It's such a wonderful perfume, and the bottle is just too cute! No, for real, that is one adorable bottle. :-)


As a child, I absolutely HATED this stuff. During the winter, when my lips would get chapped, my mom would put this stuff on me and it would hurt SO BADLY, I never thought I would actually use it because I wanted to. Years later, this is what I keep in my FRONT POCKET EVERY DAY. This is the absolute best thing EVER for lips. You can really feel this stuff working, and it feels AWESOME. I'm not even kidding, this stuff is like, legit, God's gift to people with hurting lips. Even if they're fine, this stuff will protect them like nobody's business! Get it, get it, get it!


Having hair that's naturally wavy-curly, it's always fun to pump it up a bit with gel, and this stuff really does the trick! you don't have to worry about accidentally gooping a ton of gel into your hand/hair, because it's a spray! This stuff works really well, and it smells really good, too (as do all Garnier hair products)! Loving it!


This shampoo smells absolutely delicious! And it works well, too! I get that nice, soft, shiny feeling, and I'm also left with that wonderful coconut scent! aaahhhhh, it's so good.

Careful, people! You might want to eat it! ... Yes, I'm serious.

I bought the $5 travel-sized body butter at Sephora, and let me tell you, it's terrible to use if you're on an empty stomach, because this smells so legitimately like an orange that you WILL GET HUNGRY! Oh my goodness, it is the most delicious scent ever! I reccommend it to anyone and everyone, but be careful - it smells real!

I feel like a rock star! XD

This is the only "Princess" scent I have in the large-size bottle. I BOUGHT MINE AT MARSHALLS FOR $40! Not all Marshalls and TJ Maxx's have them, but it's a good idea to look there if you want it at a lower price! It's such an awesome smell! I feel empowered! XD

Sure makes ME feel glamorous! ;-)

Just like all Vera Wang Princess scents, this one is great. It has such a nice smell! Unfortunately, though, It is pretty hard to find. I wish they sold it at more places...


This is my favorite perfume in all the world! <3 Vera Wang is a genius, and I already loved her, but this just took me over the edge into a wonderful-smelling la-la-land! It's soooooooo good! Unfortunately, like most undeniably fantastic perfumes, this one is pretty pricey, so I don't have the big bottle yet, but THEY SELL THE ROLL-ON AT SEPHORA, and it is MUCH less expensive! So, in a nutshell, it's wonderful, just make sure you're willing to pay.

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