Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

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Jamie  M.

It made my hair really soft but with my naturally curly hair it made it frizzier than usual. I absolutely love the smell though and it made my hair healthier but left a weird filmy texture.

Winnie B.
Great smell, good quality.

I really like this brand, I always wait for it to go on sale at Ulta or my local drug store.

I use it on the occasion I'm out of town and the shampoo can be a bit drying if used on all of your hair. I find that it works way better if you apply a couple quarter size drops in your palm and apply only to your scalp. That residual shampoo will travel down the hair, avoiding excess shampoo from drying your hair.

It's okay for the occasional trip. Love the conditioner more, though!

Whit H.

1st sulfate free shampoo I've ever used and it's great. The smell is wonderful. The entire organix line works well. My hair was left super soft instead of dry and stripped.

Hailey rae O.

I love this product, it worked great on my hair. It left my thick colored hair soft and smooth and best of all didn't make the color fade. I also love the other scents, my favorite would have to be the cherry blossoms one.

SkyLee L.
It made my hair oily.

I loved the smell and the feel of it when I was washing my hair but after it dried it was so dull and lifeless. Plus it was so oily!

Lyndsie  T.
smells good

this isn't for my hair. as my hair gets greesy fast. all I need is a tad on my ends maybe as a leave in conditioner. but they make other products for that.perfect for putting in hair before going for a swim.random but a cool tip I picked up.smells great the brand makes other awesome products this just isn't great for my type of hair.

Heather I.
not for my hair

Smells amazing but I didn't like how my hair felt was almost like hay. I was bummed because it smelled so good. Maybe it's my hair type, I don't know.

Kristy S.
Hmmmm. . . .

Well this is the first time im trying this out, my friend recommended this to me because we have the same type of hair, we are both mixed with white and black. So our hair is bipolar. one minute its tamable the next its on the chopping block. I used the shampoo and conditioner, the shampoo seemed to dry my hair out a little. (Let me remind you, my hair is damaged due to dying it over the years) I need all the nutrients i can get, also moisture. But when i used the conditioner (left it on for 10 mins) it seemed to do a little for my hair. i currently have the instant repair in my hair.. i keep treatments in my hair for bout an hour.. with a shower cap on to lock in body heat to help aid the treatment.. But im going to rinse it out and use the anti-breakage serum and the coconut milk oil mist. i have the whole line of coconut milk products.. But this product seems like its okay. It seems to smell tropical though (:

Megan Y.
Smells Pretty, But Not So Great

I really loved the scent, but as a shampoo, I ditched it before using more than 1/3 of the bottle. It made my hair really oily, and felt like there was a film on my hair. I have straight, very long, very thick hair, so I initially thought I wasn't rinsing it as well as I should be- but no. It just wasn't the shampoo for me.

Nicki N.
My only complaint? It's not volumizing.

I'm on a hunt for the perfect shampoo combination for my hair. My hair is naturally straight, I don't use heat on a regular basis, and I don't have color in it. The strands are fine but I have a LOT of hair. I'd say it's normal... not dry, not really oily. I can get two days in easily without washing.

This is pretty close. It's really inexpensive and it's sold basically everywhere (drug stores and walmart) so I didn't have to panic about running to a salon. It smells delicious. It's organic, yep. It is sulfate and paraben free... aka. it's good for your hair. It lathers nicely for me if I wash my hair on a daily schedule but not if I go another day in between. If I found that it was more volumizing? I'd be all over it.

I still keep a bottle in the shower, though. :x