Beauty Product Reviews

These look great as liners, but they are not my favorite to play with. You can not blend powder shadows or pigments over them without distorting the texture or rubbing some off. They do not work well to cover majority of eye, like I said they do well for liners though.

feminine and frosty

I have always loved that shimmery, glowing look. This product works great for pale skin that needs a porcelain glow or sense of radiance. Breathtaking with caught in the light. Will leave you feeling magical. :D

I have to say I have not tried all of Benefit's skincare, but I have tried the Foamingly Clean face cleanser, which I absolutely love! It feels velvety soft, smells so clean, and has a thick, semi-creamy/semi-foamy texture. The only thing I dislike and when you are running low, it is SO hard to get it out of the tube unless you have help. It does not dry out your skin, and that's coming from someone who suffers from the driest of the dry.

Sooooo refreshing

I love the way this makes my skin feel. I am a hard sleeper so it usually takes me a while to get going in the mornings. This cleanser ALWAYS woke me up instantly, leaving me feeling refreshed, clean, and ready to roll.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! When I find myself not able to afford my usual Estee Lauder Hydrationist, this is my best friend. Inexpensive and leaves me feeling moisturized all day long.

Good exfoliater but too harsh to use everyday

It cleans my face really well, always taking care of unwanted blemishes. I have severely dry skin, so I like that it takes care of my flakiness and texture caused by the dryness. I can only use this a few times a week because it can be too harsh on my skin to use daily.