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Exquisite Quads

The sweet treats of the Viseart Petit Four Collection. They are so gorgeous & scrumptious. So excited to have these beauties in my hands. I would have been happy with just one but the all color stories are exquisite so I had to have them all. They are tiny but packed full of intense & luxurious pigmentation. They practically blend themselves with no fall out or transfer on hooded eyes. Viseart has the highest quality shadows which is why they are used by Mua’s & makeup lovers everywhere. They are perfect grab & go palettes. You can create looks from day to glam with each one of the Petite Fours. Plus mix & match for endless customized combinations. Eco friendly packaging, vegan & cruelty free. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these beauties.



As soon as I opened my Viseart Tryst I was in "LOVE", the colors they look so delicate and remind me of spring & summer. Yet wearable all year round & on any skin tone. Viseart has done it again creating a stunning eye shadow palette inside & out. They made such beautiful packaging that I am proud to display it on my vanity. Yet so streamlined that I am able to put it in my makeup bag or purse & is perfect for traveling. I can't believe how perfectly these colors work so well together. In this palette Viseart put together shadows that complement each other so your able to pull off complete looks. As with all Viseart shadows, this one does all the work for you & they practically blend themselves. :)

I always knew that Viseart shadows are one the the most long lasting shadows out there but I wanted to put them to a test for myself. So I did finger swatches on my arm with no primer before I went to bed to see how long the pigment would last. The next morning they had only faded slightly & the one that had faded the most was the lightest shade which is close to my skin color. I did not remove them & even wore long sleeves that were rubbing against them all day. Well no surprise, I could still see color after 24 hrs, so if they can last this long after all that I have no doubt the they will make through a 8 hr work day or a long night out on the town filled with dancing. :)

I have always loved Viseart because they are the best quality shadows out there. But with every new palette I purchase, I come to love & respect Viseart as a company more & more. They really do listen & talk to their customers & die hard fans like me. Thank you Viseart for creating something so beautiful & Beautylish for worldwide shipping so I am able to purchase products like this that are going to bring me such joy. :) :)

VOL 2 The Love Story Continues :)

All I can say is” He has Done it Again” it just blows my mind how he can make his brushes better. You always hear “New & Improved” all the time every where, yet when you try it nothings changed but the packaging. "NOT WITH” Wayne's Brushes. With every new updated & refined shapes they really get better & still so soft. You can tell that each change is so well thought out, either its what he would like to change or what customers & die hard fans like me would want. I love all of my Wayne Goss brushes, each one is designed for a specific purpose, yet becoming more & more versatile every time I don't know how he does it. :)

With all new white coat hair bristles & being able to use with any products whether it be creams, liquids, gels or powders makes this a excellent beginner set. Or makes a fabulous addition to your Wayne Goss brush collection if you’re like me. The right brush can make a huge difference in how your makeup products work. With all the different shapes and sizes that this set has to offer, you will have all the tools you need that will enable you to create a complete fabulous look. :)

My admiration for Wayne Goss started years ago when I started watching his videos Then I got some of this brushes and it changed everything. As always you can tell that Wayne has put his blood, sweat, tears, heart & soul into his brushes. Handmade by 20 artisans he has created brush perfection once again. These brushes are so worth the cost, with proper care they will last for years & years to come. Thank you Wayne & Beautylish for having your flexible payments plan so I was able to purchase these phenomenal brushes worry free :)

I have "Netted" myself a Natasha Denona Lila Palette. :)

What can I say, when I heard that there was a "Purple Palette by Natasha Denona" it really got my attention. With having shadows like "Amethyst, purple being my favorite color & one named Layla which is sentimental for me", I knew that this is a palette I would really like. As I looked at the photo's of the Lila palette on Instagram & saw the "Unbelievable, Intense Colors" I was" Hooked". The metallic's look like "Liquid Pools of Shimmering Color". If you placed your finger in them, your finger would come out dripping wet with color. The mattes are "Smooth, Creamy & Buttery" & oh so "Pigmented". Like a bed of oysters from the sea with multi colored pearls. Then you touch & use them, to find they are all that & so much more! I was so lucky to have netted one.  :)

This is my first Natasha Denona eye shadow palette, I have 3 of her Duo Blush palettes. Both my daughter & I love the blush's so much we have repurchased them multiple times. I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this palette because it is a investment, which for me has ended up "Well Worth the Cost". It is everything that everyone has said about Natasha Denona palettes, "Rich, Easy to Blend & Long Lasting". It is more of a "Pigment Palette" than eye shadow, you are seeing that more & more now. So the lightest touch & smallest amount is needed, then do exactly what these shadows were made to" Blend & Look Fabulous". They are absolutely stunning on my daughter & yet still are perfect for my dark brown, textured eyes. Also very wearable on any other eye type, color & skin tone. This palette will take you from day to night, so effortlessly by using the four eye shadow textures. Chroma Crystal, Creamy Matte, Metallic, the Duo Chrome shades also warm & cool tones making this a elegant, versatile palette & next for me is the Sunset Palette.  :) 

I discovered Beautylish over a year ago even though they are bigger, busier & able to bring us more exceptional brands & products your customer service excellence has never change. Especially during the launches of new products, I enjoy the emails I receive from Nils & his team like "Meet Lila, Getting Started with your Lila Palette". They are always filled with so much helpful information, so I am able to get the most use & enjoyment of my product, thank you Beautylish.  :)


A work of Art exquisitely created by Wayne & as with all of his brushes by more than 20 Artisans in Japan. The shape is supposed to be a very classic shape in Japan, which I think is such a nice artistic touch! Sooo Soft it feels like a soft breeze across my skin, all the while depositing powers so delicately with a sheer natural finish. With every new brush he makes I think to myself "There is No Way it can be Softer than the Last". "Then He Does", it's so mind blowing!!   :)   I received my brush as a early Xmas present & was really excited, I couldn't wait to have this masterpiece in my hands. When I held it & touched the long soft, wispy bristles I wasn't quite sure it would do as Wayne promised. Which never happens, ever since I stared collecting his brushes, I have all except his 2015 holiday brush. Well talk about being "Very Pleasantly Surprised". It is so skillfully made for its exact purpose to apply products perfectly & lightly. Like having a makeup artist in your hand, knowing how to  apply just the right amount of product for a beautiful outcome.  :) 

Extremely handy when you in a hurry or have a heavy hand at applying product like me. Or you accidentally put on to much, you have to stop to blend, then blend again & keep on blending until it is what you want. Not with this brush 1 stroke or more depending on your personal preference & your done. Thank you Wayne all of the hard work, blood sweat & tears that you put into all your brushes, so that they can in turn give me such enjoyment when using them. Beautylish thank you for your continued superb customer service.  :)   

The Grande Master

You would think that you’re going to need an ELEPHANT in order to carry all of the VISEART Pigment, Blendability & Quality of the GRANDE PRO VOL 1 Palette. But you don’t have to with the STREAMLINED design & LUXURIOUS Packaging. All you need is your HAND!! I am so, so HAPPY I have one in mine. :)

This is really a "PIGMENT " palette, I accidentally grazed one of my brushes against a shadows & was amazed on how much pigment was on my brush. A very light touch & a smallest amount is definitely needed. When I did swatches I couldn't believe how true to color they were to what you see in the pans. I am so pleased, it is everything I expected & more!! I will use this everyday especially if I am in a hurry & have a moments notice to get ready. A real grab & go palette. :)

They really did all of the thinking for you the way the palette is laid out. You have your Base, Transition, Crease, Intensifiers (my favorites) & last the always needed Definers, which you can use for brows & liners. All with the same under tone. Use them as blush & contour to change your look in so many ways just by adding or mixing colors. You even have Neutral, Warm & Cool tones which makes this a "All in One" matte palette, a perfect palette for me. Viseart is known for the ability to mix & match all of their eye shadows, brow, blush, highlighting & sculpting palettes together to create a infinite amount of possibilities. :)

Especially with the ability to pop the pans out & interchange them with any other Viseart shadow. It is like a "Grande" (hence the name) all matte theory palette. A excellent palette to pair with of my other palettes, so versatile. Well worth the money for the "Outstanding" quality that Viseart is so known for worldwide. :)


I have had my original Air Brushes for a year & a half I love them even more now than when I first got them. Which I thought to be impossible. I am so, so "Happy" that I can add this "GORGEOUS BEAUTY" to my Goss Brush Collection. I "Love" everything about The New Rose Gold Air Brush from the off-white handle, with the slightest pinkish hue & Rose Gold Ferrule it is to die for, a overall "STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL" brush. I use my Air Brush for all of my powder products blush, highlighters, bronzer, setting, baking & you can even use it on your eyes. I have extras because it really is such a versatile, multitasking & time saving brush. Most of all I use it for Wayne's Buffing technique to blend everything for a flawless finish. The brush is everything Wayne said it would be "SO SOFT" it is like a soft breeze on your skin & so well made thank you Wayne. If you compare Goss brushes to others on the market you will find that they are very affordable & worth every penny. I "LOVE" all of my Goss brushes they are "EXQUISITE" & are my "HOLY GRAIL" of brushes. Also a big thank you to Bess & Beautylish for the continued "OUTSTANDING" customer service that you are so well know for & I have grown to love. I was able to receive my brush in a flash. Go for it you will not be disappointed. :) :)


This is Your perfect Nude! This color is a perfect match to my lip color. It is like it was made for me. It is also the exact match to the Pillow Talk liner, that so many people love & no wonder. :) I waited until the lipstick came out before purchasing the lip liner, because I knew that I would fall in love with it & would want the lipstick. It was defiantly worth the wait, they are THE PERFECT COUPLE :) Yet I can use the Pillow Talk liner with so many of my lipsticks. I am going to get another 1 because I am going to be using it everyday. :) The formula is the same as her other Matte Revolution's it did not dry out my lips like some of the other brands of matte lipsticks I have tried. It also lasted a long time through 2 coffee's & a muffin. Definitely a hit with me. "NOW IS THE TIME FOR SOME PILLOW TALK". :)


I received the Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Glow, 'I LOVE IT". Perfect for that no makeup day, when you don't have time to do a full face. It is great for anytime of year, so you can make your summer glow last as long as you can. Just add a little blush, powder & bronzer for contour, if needed & mascara, "All Done". It is so handy you can use it anytime, just pop in into your makeup bag. I have light to medium skin tone, it morphed into my skin tone & gave me just the right amount of color. With a sheer coverage that evened out the tone of my skin. I look like I have a slight tan to my skin, that gives me a beautiful sheer glow from within of color, that looks like I just got back from the beach. It also gives me that all natural makeup look that is build able or as a base under my foundation. No Wonder Wayne Goss got so excited he was right "Yet again, Love him so,so much". It did what they said it would & was just what I needed & wanted. You don't need that much either which surprised me for what it did. There are so many mixed review's all I can say is to try it for yourself. You never know, it will be perfect for you & is what your looking for. If not Beautylish has amazing customer service & return policy :) :D


I love that you can take out all of the pans & then put in whichever Viseart Theory product you want, so you can make the perfect palette for you. Whether it be 2 eye shadows & 1 blush or 1 bronzer or use 2 Theory palettes because they are so small, they will still fit into your makeup bag. Or you can add the Petite Pro to the mix. This makes the combinations absolutely endless & then you can always have on hand the palette that goes with what ever outfit you are wearing for the day, perfect for the person on the go. Yet another reason why I love Viseart so so much. :)

The blush is such a beautiful coral color, it looks like it might go on bit orange but it does not. You can again go from sheer to full on intense because it is so pigmented, this is such a great color for summer. The bronzer is such a nice warm color that applies beautifully onto the skin & is great for the natural sun kissed glow or work look. The highlighter is a wonderful champagne color, just like it says in the description. It is very warm & can go also on sheer if you want. I have never had a problem with any of my Viseart products ever going on patchy & they will last you all day with little to no touch ups. :)

These are all stand alone Beautiful but when you use all three "Gorgeous". Yet again I am amazed how when you use any Viseart products you are able to go from a slightly Better you Natural look. To a full on Glam with no problem at all, I love, "Love" these Viseart face palettes. I am so happy I got them, you can never go wrong with Viseart they are really my Holy Grail products. I cannot rave enough about these, you will not be disappointed. :)

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