Grande Pro Volume 1


Shelly F.
The Grande Master
Photo of product included with review by Shelly F.

You would think that you’re going to need an ELEPHANT in order to carry all of the VISEART Pigment, Blendability & Quality of the GRANDE PRO VOL 1 Palette. But you don’t have to with the STREAMLINED design & LUXURIOUS Packaging. All you need is your HAND!! I am so, so HAPPY I have one in mine. :)

This is really a "PIGMENT " palette, I accidentally grazed one of my brushes against a shadows & was amazed on how much pigment was on my brush. A very light touch & a smallest amount is definitely needed. When I did swatches I couldn't believe how true to color they were to what you see in the pans. I am so pleased, it is everything I expected & more!! I will use this everyday especially if I am in a hurry & have a moments notice to get ready. A real grab & go palette. :)

They really did all of the thinking for you the way the palette is laid out. You have your Base, Transition, Crease, Intensifiers (my favorites) & last the always needed Definers, which you can use for brows & liners. All with the same under tone. Use them as blush & contour to change your look in so many ways just by adding or mixing colors. You even have Neutral, Warm & Cool tones which makes this a "All in One" matte palette, a perfect palette for me. Viseart is known for the ability to mix & match all of their eye shadows, brow, blush, highlighting & sculpting palettes together to create a infinite amount of possibilities. :)

Especially with the ability to pop the pans out & interchange them with any other Viseart shadow. It is like a "Grande" (hence the name) all matte theory palette. A excellent palette to pair with of my other palettes, so versatile. Well worth the money for the "Outstanding" quality that Viseart is so known for worldwide. :)

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Erica E.
Too many light shades for dark skintones.

I was so excited about this palette when I first saw it on Instagram. I hesitated to buy it because of there being so many light shades. I don't wear Mac, but, I'm about an NC50. I'm so disappointed in this palette. I love my dark mattes palette. I understand this is a pro palette. As a makeup lover.....this palette just isn't worth it for my skin tone.

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Adamaris B.
My all time fave!!!
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Viseart is my go to eye shadows for Mattes. They blend like BUTTER! Beautiful and long lasting. My clients love it. You def get what you pay for. It will make your life more simple when applying to customers versus other eye shadows.

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Holly L.
Obsessed- so obsessed I ran and bought more.
Photo of product included with review by Holly L.

So this was my first Beautylish purchase. See that it was on here was amazing! I really thought it was only on Muse. Anyways I bought it and I was SHOOK to my core. My whole collection is drenched in high end eyeshadow. These mattes are better the every palette I have in my collection. The depth of color you can get, the blend, the ability to mix and colors appear as they should. Nothing ever gets muddy- no shade in this does not have purpose. I bought it for the ability to have the row of intensifiers paired with my neutrals- I am blown away. I went out and bought 2 from muse. This formula will blow every palette you own out of the water- it’s just that good.

The texture of viseart is a little dryer, but firmly pressed. I have nothing like them in my collection. You have no fillers, the binding ingredients are minimal. It’s a low ingredient deck, but the best ingredients on the market. Very few eyeshadows are made in France, a lot of skincare and a few designer brands haven’t opted to take business of out France. Anyways Viseart is very stringent on quality because the lab is small. They pay well and your paying for the best formula known to god.

I never really realized that other eyeshadows were annoying until I used these. That’s how good they are.

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Jess O.
Worth the price for me

I am not a makeup artist, just a makeup junky. I am obsessed with eyeshadow palettes so when my husband got me this palette for Christmas I was so so excited! The colors blend like a dream with light pressure and little effort. I am truely obsessed!

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Olivia K.

I have the neutral, warm and dark 12 pan matte palettes. The ingredients in those palettes are different to the shadows in this palette - different order for sure and while some apply and blend the same; they are definitely NOT the same quality I love. The same thing happened when I tried the Golden Hour - the shadows kind of blended away- not the quality I’m used to when I wear the 12 pan Mattes. The Grand Pro has inconsistencies such as the mauve and lilac shades not being as pigmented - the rich brown barely showing up- and typically I don’t have to use primer with Viseart Mattes. For this price point I was expecting their normal quality. Also, it was reviewed by several “popular” youtubers as being made in France like their normal palettes are, and yet it clearly denotes it was was made in the US- not sure if it was a batch issue but I saw others who had same issues as me. Returned. Sad because this seems to be a recent theme for Viseart. Hope they don’t try to market to broader audience and stick to high quality, hand made batches they’re known for

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Kitty M.
What eyeshadows should be!
Photo of product included with review by Kitty M.

I'm of the mind that you get what you pay for and you certainly do with Viseart. A bit peeved that there are no greens in this one, but this palette is almost never-ending in possibilities. Love their compact/trifold-wallet style designs, even a palette so big can be still so small - it is VERY travel friendly!

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Carolyn A.
Love it. Seeking the next one!!!

I already adored Viseart Neutral and Dark Mattes and was neglecting all other mattes I own. When the Grande came out I drooled for a long while and eventually took the plunge. So glad.

The pleasure of reaching for this palette and heading across one of the rows for immaculate colour gradation and a wonderful eye-popping intensifier was sublime. They blend without muddiness. Some are more grippy on the eye than others.

The intensifier shade is such a genius idea and takes an everyday look to celebration in a few seconds, subtle to princess, office-chic to grunge.

Application without a primer allows for a gentler and softer finish that still stays on for 8+ hours. With a primer such as Too Faced Shadow Insurance, the shadows show their full intensity and last as long as my entire day to evening until I remove my makeup. I have hooded eyes; no problems there.

Although others have commented on the differences in some individual shadows’ payoff, and it’s true, I found that when used in rows, somehow the differences worked together in the right locations on the eye for a lovely finish.

I also love how I can deviate from one row to another to pick up a shade that is slightly different in its underlying tone but it still works because of the way the tones and colour depths are laid out in the palette.

It’s just a little too big to be convenient to carry every day. I would love Viseart to bring out 12-pan empty palettes, as I would love to take certain selections from the Grande with me every day.

I miss my prime neutrals, which are in the Neutral Matte palette, particularly the transition and basic crease colours I use frequently/near daily. I typically like to add the Grande crease colours near my neutral crease colour.

The packaging is lovely, but I’d happily pass on the book cover exterior for more shadows lol! Mind you, every time I use the palette it goes back into that cover. It definitely offers a lot of protection.

I have a fair neutral complexion that some days looks warmer/yellower and some days looks cooler, so I can use most shadows in this palette except most of the coolest row, and a few of the yellow-olive-toned row.

Worth it? Yes. High quality, great selection of colours. I’m no makeup artist but I could easily use selected colours on my friends with Australian, Lebanese, Chinese, Philippino, and Baltic skin tones, as well as on specific deeper skin tones such as African. Good selection overall.

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Kelsey R.
The Perfect Matte Palette

I bought this on on a whim and I am so glad I did! These shadows live up to Viseart's high standards -- and then some! The colors are gorgeous. I feel they are much more vibrant in person than they appear in photos. And while the limited edition nature of this palette makes me worried I'll run out of my favorite shades, I believe I will get quite a lot of mileage out of these pans. The smallest amount of product goes a very, very long way.

While the powders do feel dry to the touch (much like other Viseart mattes), the pigmentation and application is extraordinary. There is minor kickup (I find the kickup amount the same as their smaller 12-pan palettes), and the powders blend out like a dream. A few colors appear similar in the pan, but once applied on the eyes I notice a significant distinction.

The bright pink/fuchsia in particular is absolutely stunning! I don't know that this palette is necessary for non-professional, but it is truly a gorgeous collector's piece. I honestly think I could toss out all my other mattes and be set for life.

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Brittany C.
Make up Enthusiasts Dream!

This palette is rare, unique, and necessary! As a beauty enthusiast, I will never need another matte shade again! lol. This is the answer for my African American skin tone, I can finally mix and wear pastel shades appropriately and look gorgeous while doing so! Not to mention, the last two columns can smoke out my life.

Viseart is a smaller brand that cannot mass produce treasures like this frequently or in huge batches. I am so grateful for the re-launch with Beauylish. It’s the best of both worlds, and I can’t wait for Volume 2!

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