Tryst Eye Shadow Palette


Yukiteru K.

春にピーチ系のカラーが入ったパレットが欲しかったのでこちらを購入してみました。 9色の組み合わせ次第で色々な雰囲気が作れそうで、予想以上に気に入りました。


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Alexandra A.

I’m in love with this palette. Colors blend together so beautifully. I haven’t had any fallout and while there’s not really any mattes except for one I still really enjoy it.

Diana B.
tryst palette

this was my first Viseart palette and i love it so very much, the colors are perfect and i am so pleased with the formula they use..i will definitely be getting others..

Mayuri H.
Spring is here!

I have all the 12-pan + 2 grande Viseart palette and bought the Tryst + Libertine palette to complement the upcoming Liason 9-pan releasing on Feb 7 that I'm set on purchasing. The shadows in this 9-pan are different in texture compared to the Grande and the 12-pan palettes. With the 12-pan and Grande, all I have to do was to just lightly tap my Sonia G/Chikuhodo/Goss brushes to get pigment but with the 9-pan, fingers and heavier hand swirl with my brushes yield better result. Read from a reviewer prior that the 9-pans are designed and formulated for the general consumer and makeup enthusiasts who may not be aware to just tap their brushes instead of swirling with heavy hand or prefer to apply shadows with their fingers in lieu of brushes. Overall, I like this palette to pack in my work-travel makeup bag since it has an in-built good sized mirror. Also, I wish I can add 5 more stars for Beautylish customer service personnel! I received my Tryst palette that has a pan shattered during shipping and when I called the customer service, they send a new replacement right away with expedited shipping! They also let me kept the broken palette because they dont want to inconvenience me with printing out return forms and waste my time to go and ship it back. I'm glad I choose Beautylish to purchase all my beauty related items. This is the exact standard of customer service that I prefer. Other retailers may offer you points or let you choose samples but when the products you ordered from them came broken, you have to jump through hoops to get replacement. With Beautylish, you get covered until the very end and reached satisfaction with your products arriving in perfect conditions without the associated inconveniences of time wasted printing, shipping, etc. Keep up the stellar customer service, Beautylish! And you'll have a loyal customer in me.

Wenny  C.

Viseart shimmer and matte are both wonderful. This palette is more spring like and I enjoy wearing it.

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Amy H.
Highly pigmented, infinitely blend-able

Viseart has done it again- these shades are truly beautiful and in comparison to their more MUA friendly packaging this can slide right into your suitcase/ makeup bag etc and you need not worry about it breaking. The mirror is large and perfect as well as a “all my makeup” mirror. I love the packaging- perfect for the colors. Now onto the color scheme- 9 shimmers and 3 mattes... but I would classify the “shimmers” (most except for 3) to be more satin and very wearable for work. It’s not too cool toned, not too warm toned.. it’s just very wearable. I’ve created multiple looks from this palette and is a go-to for that Viseart quick “blend 3 colors in 5 mins and look like you spent an hour on your eyes” thing they are known for. As mentioned before the color scheme is surprisingly expansive - it may look like a “warm toned purple/pink palette” but the golden tones warm up to more of a sophisticated darker bronze gold undertone that creates dimension. Even the most burgundy shade surprised me in wearability and as a great base for some of the shimmers to again, create easy dimension. Love this palette- may possibly buy the golden hour one too.

Wenny  C.

Compared to Golden Hour, this leans to more pinkier, peachier shades. This feels like a spring palette to me.

akansha v.

this is my first ever palette from viseart...LOVED it....blends like a dream.. my favourite..

Mandy A.
Totally disappointed

I was so excited to try my very first Viseart palette. But was so let down with the low quality of this product. The color pay off is terrible. If you do get any color to appear, it quickly disappears if you try to blend it. Needless to say, I sent this product back. Im just going to buy some inglot singles.

Tabitha W.
It’s just okay 😌

My first time ordering with Beautlish and I’m blown away by the packaging!!!!! What a way to make a girl feel special ✅ The palette is okay, I don’t think it’s worth the money.