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I stopped using powder blushers some few years ago when I noticed they were making my very dry skin look even chalkier and unatural, so I converted to cream and mousse based formulas. As an avid fan of Illamasqua's skin base foundation, I requested that the lovely lady behind the counter at Selfridges help me pick a cream blush shade suitable for my pale skin tone. I was pretty suprised to find that my skin actually suited this stunning salmon pink, and instantly snapped it up. The pigment is amazing, when initially put on the skin the shade is exactly how it looks in the compact, but after a little blending, it turns into a lovely dewy, subtle shade that looks flawlessly natural (no streaks!). The one and only downside is that the formula is quite greasy in the compact, which can be slightly off putting. It does not, however, feel greasy on the skin.


As a huge fan of illamasqua, I have to admit I was fairly gutted when I received one of these as a freebie with a recent illamasqua deal at sellifridges. Although the colours are stunning, I find the consistency is far too runny, making it awkward to paint with. I also found that its not very chip resistant at all, mine took less than a day to chip on at least four fingers. Really is a pitty, im just glad I didnt actually purchase this product, or I would have felt it was a bit of a waste. My personal opinion mind xxx


BEST.LINER.EVER!!! Normally I wouldnt really rave about something like an eyeliner, but ive only recently just purchased this little beauty, and its AMAZING! I wear liquid liner alot, but find that because I have naturally very watery eyes, it ends up running all over the place, or just simply doesnt have the staying power. After speaking to an MUA about the problems id been facing, she suggested this, and I am thoroughly glad I chose to follow her advice. Its incredibly easy to use with its felt tip like tip, and it doesnt budge at all, even with my watery eyes. Very impressed, and certainly recommend <3

My favourite eyeshadows EVER!

These really are my absolute favourite eyeshadows after purchasing two of Sugarpills 'Colour-Me-Pretty' palettes (Sweet Heart and Pretty Heart). These pressed shadows are immensely pimented, so a small dab with a brush is all you need (though do make sure you tap of the excess as fall out is really bad for the really bright colours). The shadows are easily blendable and crease proof, made in a crazy rainbow colours. All you need is your imagination! However, a small warning, the deeper colours (such as Love+) DO stain your lids!! So make sure you sweep off with a layer of vaseline to remove, or you will wake up the morning after looking like youve been bawling your eyes out all night <3


I originally bought this in a small pot to try out as I was a little apprehensive at first. Im not a huge fan of powders, I know theyre useful for setting makeup once its placed, but in the past I have found that they alter the composition of my overall look from dewy to chalky, sets off my eczma as it dries my skin out, sits heavily on my skin, or does nothing at all! I have to admit, I have since gone out and bought the large size pot of this now, and love it! I find this powder sets my makeup without actually 'being there', theres no colour and no change in composition in the foundation. I also find it allows my skin to breathe, and more importantly, doesnt upset my eczma at all. The fact it gives my skin a subtly healthy looking glow is a bonus <3

Better than powder!!

I actually im a big fan of these little gems that I happened to stumble accross one day in Boots some few years ago, and now I avidly stock up on these as my one and only blusher! I love how beautifly easy they are to blend as the mousse formula is super light and breathable, almost impossibe to form the 'streak' effect often associated with blushers. I particularly love the dewy finish, as opposed to the chalky look of powder formulas. Leaves you looking lovely and healthy, even after a long night out and a slightly sore head :p x


I couldnt wait for these little babies to be released after falling in love with their lipsticks. I have Cherry On Top, Loop-De-Loop and Candy Apple, and must say, theyve done it again!! These lip glosses are my new favourite makeup toy, without fail. They glide on with ease, with no stickiness or greasy feeling that is often associated with li glosses, and once again Lime Crime have infused their newest products with highly pigmented, stay true shades! But this time, with a whole new scoop of fairy dust!! Thats right, each one has its own tailored shade of fine glitter to compliment the shade, leading to the most lucious, moist, 'notice me' lips ever! If youve not tried them yet, do it! You wont be dissapointed <3


I am absolutely in LOVE with Lime Crime products, having been an avid fan for a couple of years now. Their lipsticks are truely amazing!! I was so excited to receive my little box of lovliness from Lime Crime, beautifully adorned with their awesome unicorn logo. Inside, the lipsticks were well padded out with purple tissue paper. The lipsticks themself are a bright purple with the unicorn logo in a lovely silver hologram down the side. And the colours, oh the colours!!!! The lipsticks come in the most amazing rainbow ive ever seen. But where ive been let down by lipsticks before for not being true to the colour in the tube, bleeding and otherwise fading, the staying power of these little beauties is nothing short of amazing, and are completely true to the colour and has a bit of a lip stain for staying power. What you see is truely what you get! I have Retrofuturist, No She Didnt and Styletto, and I love each one! Definately recomended! Below is Styletto <3

Staying Power!

I have tried several primers in the past, but was swiftly converted to this one after a MUA friends of mine used it on one of our very long shoots (the thing lasted 10 hours!!!), and my eyeshadow stayed put all day, even under the lighting and sweat. Thoroughly impressed, leaves my shadow vibrant and crease proof each time I use it, even when I suffer from the odd watery eye moment. Very impressed!

Milk Base

I use this over Urban Decay Primer Potion, before using highly pigmented shadows over the top. I find it really helps to intensify the colours, but also gives them a little bit more grip. The fact its marginally cheaer than most bases that do the same job makes this a winner for me! <3

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