Precision Ink


Lana D.

i love this eyeliner so much i have the black and the white one and they last forever! like going to a party then going clubbing then getting home and sleeping with it on then waking up the next day and it still being perfect like thats how well it lasts hahaha but yah this is literally the best eyeliner ive ever used

Branka P.

I have this in Havoc and Wisdom and they are quickly becoming my favorite liners. Havoc is ideal for a sophisticated daytime look. You can definitely see it's not black, but the color is not very vibrant either. The felt tip makes application easy and precise, with very little fuss. Wisdom is a beautiful old gold, slightly olive and packed full with shimmer. Catches the light in the most wonderful way. However, I find it'd only slightly sheer so I regularly apply two coats to make it fully opaque. I love them both and use them very regularly.

Leila V.

BEST.LINER.EVER!!! Normally I wouldnt really rave about something like an eyeliner, but ive only recently just purchased this little beauty, and its AMAZING! I wear liquid liner alot, but find that because I have naturally very watery eyes, it ends up running all over the place, or just simply doesnt have the staying power. After speaking to an MUA about the problems id been facing, she suggested this, and I am thoroughly glad I chose to follow her advice. Its incredibly easy to use with its felt tip like tip, and it doesnt budge at all, even with my watery eyes. Very impressed, and certainly recommend <3

Abby N.

Precision Ink is aptly name. The thin tip of the wand outlines my eyes perfectly creating a gorgeous smoky golden look. I was surprised on how long it lasted. Hoping that Illamasqua would be available in Singapore soon so that it'll be easier for me to purchase their products. This is my first Illamasqua product and I hope it's not the last <3

DeShelle W.

Precision Ink in "Glister" Can be used as an eyeliner and to do face art. I don't know if you guys have seen my face art, but I am beginning and the small tip wand is very easy to apply to any area needed. It's a nude/beige color with hints of blue,silver and pink glitter.Depends on your skintone how the color will show up. (On me it's a beige-ish) They are long lasting, They won't budge or flake when dry. But taking it off is super easy. Using a makeup remover will take it right off. It will flake up and leaves no after color on your destinate area. Might see a glitter or two but thats it. I did not swatch this with a base, but a clear base is recommended if decided. I can't wait to show you guys some awesome art I come up with.

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Andii J.
Lasts for ages!

it lasts for ages ...when you put it on it doesnt come off at all! you can use this and it wont budge it becomes a kinda film its not like other liners its amazing