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Too too good to be true. Unparalleled softness and efficiency in result. My favourite tool with my chanel poudre libre loose and buff. Voila....seamless make up. Needless to say, the whole Sonia G collection are amazing quality. Best out there.

Your Kit Needs This Bad. Now.

I have it all. A highly effective kit. But when this comes in, it takes the place of at least three eye brushes you got. You simply kick them out to make room for an absolute upgrade. SoniaG is an upgrade to whatever you own, TF and WG included. This craftsmanship is surreal in apprearance and outstanding in performance. SoniaG is so so amazing. 🙉

Outperforms Mac239

I know, I know....mac is poor comparison. But no matter, this outperforms the OG mac packing brush of all time. It packs blends and is dream on the eyes. Buying more for sure.

Thank you SoniaG for generously sharing your jewels with us. I am so proud of the magnificent and impeccable artistry that you do. Bravo 👏


Am biased. SoniaG can do no wrong. But seriously?! Every beauty geek must own this. This is plush, precise and über soft for blending. You can own a few of this as it’s so multifunctional. I luv mine for contouring my cheekbones and my nose. Insanely delightful. And Beautylish? That’s another great story there!!!

Work Horse

Performs best amongst my fude brow brushes ( chiku z, suqqu and Wayne ). One swipe of my benefit pomade and voila....mundane task made breezy.....


Truly beautiful and soft. Applies highlight like a dream....but it sheds....

Sometimes more than a couple at a time. So I have stored it instead of maximised it in the front liner....

I know Wayne is highly respected and there is no mean bone here. But strayed hair on my face with your name on the strand sad.

Okay 👌

Will smooth the frizz but so will other much cheaper products. Weighs my hair down too.

I won't purchase again.

Loser Size

The set is what the sample size Sephora gives away at online check out.

What a turn off for a supposedly classy brand.

Sheds on the regular.

Goss 14 applies blush so perfectly. Sheds bad though. Rarely use it to save it but every time I do, it sheds. 😩

Am late in the goss game. Started only with this set along with the eye set of the same season. I reckon his previous ones were more superior in quality.

Skip it!

I bought this on a recommendation by karima. No beautylish reviews but I took the plunge. So not worth the hefty price tag. Mediocre in laying down colour on small lids. Skip this and carry on with suqqu or chiku.

In fact, am not likely to come back to Rae Morris....that's my verdict.

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