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Beauty Product Reviews

The one palette that you need

It’s one the best products that I have bought this year. I love the cream to powder matte formula especially you can build up and or sheer out with out issue. The Metallica are gorgeous and beautiful. Works best with fingers or silicone applicators. There are a balance of warm neutrals, bold shades and gold jewellery tones that makes it an aio palette. I love it.

Versatile palette

3 highlight shades and 1 bronzer for medium shade people. Some say it's too glittery, but I think it is a balance between glitter and shimmer. I love how much glow it gives to my skin. The bronzer shade shave my skin a beautiful bronze glow. Pretty much a golden glow summer dream.

Fine powder but difficult to use

I have to say this is one of the most difficult powder to use, because if you over powder your face with this powder. You will probably look ashy, grey and flash back 2019. It is a very pore smoothing powder, a little goes a long way. I am not quite happy with the packaging because I get too much powder for one shake. I prefer to use the powder as a primer setting powder or under eye finishing powder with the littlest amount. Hard pass and not gonna repurchase the powder.

Love the glow but made me look ashy AF

IT CC cream is a cult favourite and I love the OG formula. I can't say I don't love the illumination version of this CC cream, but the silver micro shimmer (?) just messes with the tone of the foundation. The silver micro shimmer somewhat gives the foundation a cooler tone and ashier tone the cream itself. The OG is warmer, and the illumination version is slight pinkier.

Also the shimmer made me think that it slightly sheerer than the OG version. I love IT CC cream, but the illumination shade and shimmer mess with the color which I think it is disappointing.

Good payoff and shade variety

I like bronzer that is on the yellower side than red- toned bronzer because it will make me look like an orange mess. The ABH bronzer provided a variety of shade and a little goes a long way. I love that they have bronzer that is on the neutral- warm side, which bronzer do have the tendency to be too red.

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Soft, strong payoff, smudge

Very soft pencil, which make it really easy to draw on. But because of the softness of the product, it is slightly too soft that makes it very easy to smudge. If the formula is slightly drier, the payoff might be as great, but it transfer to my lower lash line. I really love this pencil liner, I will set with a powder eyeshadow that is similar with color.

Sunscreen + priming AIO

Texture is very similar to the Hourglass veil primer. I would say on the slightly oilier side, and both have similar longevity on wear time. I prefer the texture of the HG veil but this mineral primer is much more hydrating. The texture is real soft and light and it does not leave a sticky film on the skin, The mineral primer has a similar blur effect that the hourglass veil provides and also it makes a super smooth canvas on my face. Because of the mineral nature of the products, the white cast is really serious.

I really like lightweight cream like primers, but the veil and mineral primer are matte primers w/o drying my skin or bluring primers that is silicone rich and rubs right off my skin.

As a finisher/touchup

This is a beautiful powder that I use it as finisher on my face that has shine (i.e. T-zone, chin and cheeks), and as an under-eye brightener and brow bone highlight. I can switch between medium and medium tan because there is not a lot of different and the shade is pretty light for the name medium and medium tan. If 1 g of products per day to cover the face, this powder does not do any justice to "sun care"

The powder is on the THICC side, and too much will look dry and cakey. I use a light hand on the under- eye, lid and brow- bone. I think I may switch to the version without SPF, just to see would it be lighter on texture.

limited shade but good product

I used to use medium tan, but my mom told me that I look orange so I changed to medium. I feel like they need a warmer, a more golden tone with their shade. They either look grey or orange on my skin. I need quite a bit of bronzer to warm up my complexion.

This product is a great product and I love the texture of the product. I use 2 pumps of the CC cream each time I apply. I love to use this with a sponge then using the brush they recommend. The product is hydrating. A lot of people claims this product breaks up on the 4 hour mark. It does not breaks up on me, even I don't set the foundation. My skin type is dry combination. I love the glow and hydration that it gives without all the grease with some hydrating foundation.

I love this product includes spf 50!!! you need your spf everyday and this provide extra spf, if you live in place like there is literally sun only.

The must have in the "The Ordinary" line

This is one of the best inexpensive serums out in the market and the name said it all - Buffet. It has a source of different beneficial ingredient that helps the skin. Since using this my skin is more radiant and less dull.

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