IT Cosmetics

Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder

How to Make Pores Disappear in Seconds

Watch as Co-Founder of IT Cosmetics, Jamie Kern Lima, shows you just how easy it is to make those pores disappear instantly with Bye Bye Pores. It's like airbrush in a jar.

Only a small amount is required to achieve a natural finish. Buff a small amount into skin with a brush or setting puff. Can be used on bare skin or over foundation to set.

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Christina S.
Does EXACTLY what it says

I stopped using HD setting powders because honestly, they all turned very ashy looking on my skintone. I also have VERY oily skin. This powder is perfection. It doesn't change the look of my makeup, nor does it give me a white cast. I use the powder puff to pat it on then buff it in with a mineral powder brush. It gives me a flawless, matte airbrushed look that lasts all day with no touchups!!!

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Samuel W.

I, like most others, have become tired of the "HD MICRO POWDER" rat-race as of the past year or so, because to be honest, the process is just getting old: each brand promises their product won't look white or chalky, will minimize pores, and boasts talc-free formulas. They all look the same, even brands like MUFE and Laura Mercier: they chalk up, show up horribly in flash, and come with a less-than-reasonable price tag.

That's where IT Cosmetics comes in.

This formula does exactly what it says, and then some. Non-irritating, and EFFECTIVE. This powder is like putting on a pore-targeted primer AND powder all in one step. Feels great, wears naturally, and does a fabulous job of masking my otherwise noticeable pores. I feel like SUPERMAN with this on!

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Susen F.
Brilliant setting powder

As a mature woman, I have less than perfect skin. I have fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores. Add to that, my skin is dry and dehydrated. Bye Bye Pores blurs these imperfections beautifully. I use it to set my under eye concealer, the nose area, around my mouth, between my eyes, and my forehead. It blurs the lines under my eyes, around my mouth, and on my forehead, while making the pores on and around my nose vanish. I use only the smallest amount, so the little pot goes a very long way, and it doesn'the look heavy or cakey. It is very, very finely milled, and extremely silky. I recommend cutting the adhesive covering the holes, so that 1/3 of the holes are open, leaving 2/3 covered, otherwise you'll have powder floating everywhere, wasting product. I'very read comments that people are disappointed at how small the pot is for the price, so it is important to keep in mind that less is much more with this product.

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Leonie K.
This works

I use it over the CC cream and all my pores are gone. It lasts all day. I use a Wayne Goss fluffy brush and bounce it on. As with all ITCosmetics products a small amount goes a long way

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Amethyst M.
Perfect powder to set your look!
Photo of product included with review by Amethyst M.

This powder is really fine in size and gives smooth texture. Just a simple swatch on your face , it defines your skin to silk appearance~ I usually use the my own powder brush to put on it because I think it's easier to control. Love it a lot!

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Sabrina K. Moderator
Airbrushed look!

This is a great setting powder that gives a lovely airbrushed look! I use the powder mainly to set my concealer, over my nose and a tiny bit on the chin and forehead - this makes my foundation look flawless and last all day. Only slight con I can think of is that I feel like it can look a little white on my skin when I apply it, the whiteness disappears after a short while so it's not a real con.

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Melinda R.
Photo of product included with review by Melinda R.

I fallen in love with all things IT! Nothing else has worked prior to this HD Powder. IPL facials, glycolic peels, serums, Bragg's vinegar astringent, the list goes on and on. IT has perfected a powder that doesn't cake, highlight wrinkles, or ruin foundation and highlights. IT perfected a powder that doesn't cake, highlight wrinkles, or ruin foundation and highlights

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Maria D.

I have tried so many pore "erasers" and this is by far the best. I have rather large pores (hereditary) and though I understand pores cannot be shrunken, I was determined to find the makeup product that would make them look like they weren't there. And this is it folks. This stuff is made out of pixie dust and the makeup gods themselves sent it to us. Honestly just truly exceptional.

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Kaisa K.
Lovely, but limited use

I have a difficult skin. It acts up with certain products and I have no idea why. So this powder is absolutely wonderful under my eyes, on my nose and on my cheeks, but it does not work for setting the eyes for the eyeshadow. If I use this powder for that, the eyeshadow balls up super bad. With different creams, different primers, still... Super bad.

But under my eyes it makes the skin feel sooooo soft I almost have to handcuf myself so that I don't constantly touch my undereyes. And it diminishes the pores around my nose very nicely. :)

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Angelica L.

I've been using various brands of HD setting powders and all of them have left my skin looking cakey. It's been a real struggle finding anything that works. This powder sets my make up beautifully, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and it lasts me all day without having to touch it up and to top it off I barely need any product to get great coverage.

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