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Beauty Product Reviews

this is ok. isnt very pigmented at all to be honest. and the packaging is very weak, my lid snapped off :( would try it if you like to collect different palettes.

this product, its alright and i love the smell of it too its like a fruity orange.. i got mine in spotlight and i usually use this on my highlighted parts of my face, its not a bad product at all and it definately does what it says!

good price, fab range of colours including mattes and shimmers too! shipping the the uk was good too definately recomend having this if you love your makeup and experiementing for sure!

i feel like too many people "diss" this product alot. it's cheap, works well. and as they say you get what you pay for in some sitautions you dont. everyone always says the bronzer side is too dark. alot of people forget its a CONTOURING palette, not a all over face bronzer. should be pleased using a little bit of the product so it lasts longer and you get your money's worth. the blush is gorgeous for paler skin tones.

i have this and the urban decay pprimer potion and i done a little test to see which one would last the longest so i put udpp on my lids and elf on my friends. honest opinion, they worked exactly the same, if im honest i think you pay for the brand and the package not the product it self..

to be very very honest i tried this out i put udpp on my eyes and the elf primer on my friends, it worked the same and lasted all night. its good nd has a groovy packaging :)

my friend used this when she was over at my house an i was curious about trying it out. its pretty good yeah i like it and the compact of the container is pretty good/cool too..

just recently got this product and i think i need to play around with it alot more, very very shimmery colours, but i like that and alot of people dont. it's hard to make a "day time" look out of this as it is so shimmery. i have blue eyes and need a bit of help with working around a nice, poping look but not too golden if anyone can? much appreciated, thanks girls.

got a pack of 6 in the post today and very excited to use them and try them all out.. i got milk, yogurt, black bean, cottage cheese, rust and iched mocha. after swatching all these the colours they are very high in pigmints and are beautiful


i got this product from sephora from a trip i went on and i am so dissapointed with this, yeah the brush is great but the formula of the liquid is disguisting, clumpy, thick and worst of all it doesnt dry, and it doesnt stop there, its impossible to get off with makep remover, face wipes, eye pads. i wouldnt get this product, i have meduim length eyelashes and i love achieving long thick curly eyes, this is awful though id give it a miss!

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