Beauty Product Reviews

Not waterproof

I do love the formula on this mascara. It does have the skinny rubber wand which Im not a big fan of but the formula is great and does extend your lashes. Just really wish it was waterproof..

Nice for universal

Do like this product. Has the spooly on end which is always great plus it is a retractable pecil. The only con I do have is atleast on myself, it does tend to fade throughout the day.

Full coverage

I have had this for about a month. I do like this product. A little does go a long way so for the price and the size of the tube, I'd say it us a reasonable price. It is tacky however so you do want to use a little at a time and build up to your desired amount.

Very nice quality

I really do love this serum/primer. It really feels like silk on your skin. The slight aroma scent is refreshing. I love all the beautiful ingredients in this as well. I have had it about one month now & use it daily. I have noticed that my skin does feel firmer and smoother since using this. The only con I do have is for the price range, I feel that it is on the pricey side for the small bottle. The packaging I feel could be a little better for the price range. That being said, I do love this however I feel that if you are on a budget, the higher price point with te small bottle (1oz) maybe difficult to keep up with. A little more product for that price would be great.