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No. 50 Serum Anti-Aging Collagen Veil Primer


Rachael M.
Best for over 40!

I'm 43 and am getting the lovely fine lines and wrinkles at the corner of my eyes. This product so diminishes that and keeps a blur to the whole face. I LOVE IT! I actually ordered 2 bottles this time as it is an everyday godsend. Thanks Beautylish!!

Sherry S.
Great skin product

I’ve only tried this for a few days and my skin already feels soft and has a nice shine/glow to it. I will give an update after a month has gone by to see if it helps with lines and overall appearance is skin.

Lula V.
Great product

I use this as a daily primer in combination with my face oils. It has a hint of citrus which hides the peculiar smell my rosehip oil has. I have extra sensitive red prone skin ad this product has never irritated me. Not so sure about anti aging but its a great product.

Yana L.
Definitely a hydrating product but nothing impressive

Hydrating feel when applying it but not with other impressive effects in terms of skin texture or prolonging foundation.

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Jenna G.

I received this primer as a sample from Ulta and lemme tell you...this stuff is like heaven in bottle. It feels super hydrating while reducing pore size and fine lines. It's weird because it feels like a moisturizer yet acts as a kinda silicone primer. It's weird, but I love it. Highly recommend!

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Sandra S.
Very nice quality

I really do love this serum/primer. It really feels like silk on your skin. The slight aroma scent is refreshing. I love all the beautiful ingredients in this as well. I have had it about one month now & use it daily. I have noticed that my skin does feel firmer and smoother since using this. The only con I do have is for the price range, I feel that it is on the pricey side for the small bottle. The packaging I feel could be a little better for the price range. That being said, I do love this however I feel that if you are on a budget, the higher price point with te small bottle (1oz) maybe difficult to keep up with. A little more product for that price would be great.

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Leonie K.
Best I have used

This works instantly. It smells fresh and is easy to apply. It works well as both a primer and a serum over moisturiser or alone. I have oily skin so less is more for me. Again you use a small amount for your whole face and neck. What a great brand!

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Trisha W.
New Holy Grail serum/primer

I can't believe how much I love this product. Usually I need to use something for a month before I decide if I love it or not. This product had me at hello! The very first time I used it I knew I loved it! I apply it after a moisturizer and love how it transforms my skin. It's gives the skin a radiant, but not greasy finish while blurring pores and fine lines. It creates a beautiful base for liquid, cream or powder foundation and is packed with incredible ingredients like essential oils, vitamins, collagen, hylaronic acid, aloe...and the list goes on. BUT...this reached HOLY GRAIL status for me because it is literally the best product I have found for mixing with the new Cover FX Custom cover drops!!!! I have tried over 20 products mixed with my CCD's and like a lot of the combos I have found, but none look and feel as beautiful as this combo! All day long my skin looks lit from within yet maintains a beautiful finish when I pair the two and people constantly ask me what foundation I am wearing!

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Asmeet S.
Super hydrating!

This is a great addition to my skincare routine - especially now during the warmer weather where my skin has been feeling dry (the AC hasn't been helping too!) I use it in the morning on top of my moisturizer to prime my skin before putting on my foundation and then again at night time before I sleep - when I wake up in the morning my skin feels so hydrated and soft. It feels almost silky when applied and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. I also love the hint of citrus/vanilla - the smell is not overpowering at all and just adds a nice touch to my daily skincare ritual.

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