Beauty Product Reviews

Seriously, give these a try!

When all the hype started about Natasha Denona, I honestly didn't care. I hadn't heard of her brand, and I like to stick with the brands I'm familiar with. Then when I started getting anxious about my lucky bag and started looking at unboxing videos I noticed this was one of the highly coveted items, and saw how excited people who received one were, of course I started to want one too. I was so happy to see that i got a pallette in my box! The colors in the 02 pallette are beautiful, and so easy to create an everyday look with. Shell is my favorite transition color that I've ever found, and may always be a staple for me. Maroon is gorgeous too, and it made me realize that I don't have to be afraid of shadows in the red range. Of course I love the other 3 shades, too! What I love the most about these shadows though, is that they have made me excited to take the time for doing my eyes every morning, whereas before (as much as I love wearing shadow) I would just skip to mascara on a daily basis and not bother with the extra work/time. As promised, these do not crease or fade in the slightest by the end of my work day. I will note though, as a tip, it seems like the metallic shades have one of those "layers" on the top that needs to be worked through. You may initially think that the color payoff is not up to par, but after a couple times of working at it, they'll be loaded onto your brush with one swipe! I love using my Wayne Goss fluff brushes with these :)

Great product, great price!

I recently discovered that I love squalene oil when I decided to open a bottle I had received from a subscription box when I was looking for something to help my dry skin. The second I put the stuff on my face I knew I loved it! It made my skin feel like a baby's, and as promised doesn't feel greasy at all. It soaks right into my skin without disappearing to the point where I don't feel moisturized. The brand I had a sample of was twice the cost of this brand, and I was going to buy that, initially thinking that they were the only brand that had it. I was happy when I found this while browsing Beautylish, as this is very affordable for a large bottle and I love the packaging compared to the pricier alternative (I'm assuming that pure Squalene is the same from brand to brand?). I've found that this is great on any part of the body where I struggle with dry patches. It is the only thing I've found that soothes the horrible eczema I suffer from in the winter, and if you've ever had to deal with that you'll know just how hard of a task that is! After two nights of using it on a large patch of eczema it's diminished by about 50%.

My favorite liner brush

I really love this brush for gel liner. It's the perfect stiffness for me to line my eyes in one fluid sweep (because I'm apparently the only girl who does it that way) and the point is perfect to get right up to my lash line. I also love the tip for doing my inner corner, and for matching the thickness of the liner when one side comes out thicker than the other!

Everything I could want in a setting spray

So, this is the first product I've tried from MUFE... I was at sephora and was buying the Boscia white charcoal spray, and asked a sales associate for his opinion. He recommended this to me instead, so I got the travel sized bottle (and still got the Boscia one, too). I was hesitant to try this because I have oily skin, I always use a matte foundation with a ton of luminous products because I want to be glowy but not oily, which tend to go hand in hand sadly. Anyways, one night I decided to actually use this, it scared me at first because it goes on very wet, but I fanned my face until it dried and wow! It brought all my products together to the most beautiful finish, and it made my highlight pop. Using this is also the only way the glow from my primers is actually noticeable through my foundation. Throughout the day, it leaves my skin with a nice glowy finish that I wouldn't call quite dewy, just smooth and I haven't had any issues with it making me oily. My makeup stayso prefect all day, and I even fell asleep with a full face of glam on, and it looked flawless by morning with zero fading! I will definitely recommend this product to just about anyone, and expect to have this be a staple in my routine. The only con I could list is that it seems to oxidize my foundation a bit, so I have to be careful to spray every bit of my face evenly.

A much needed upgrade!

I purchased this set last week after receiving a Natasha Denona pallette in my lucky bag; getting that (amazing) shadow really was my last straw with my collection of value brushes, which made for a good starter set but had really been frustrating me, as they weren't doing my collection of high quality eye shadows justice. I was originally going to get The Eye Set, but chose this mainly for the pink lasering on the handles (I know, I know). I was immediately impressed with the softness of these brushes, holy cow. They feel so luxurious! I was even more impressed when I went to do my eyes. I put them to the test with a beautiful pallette I got that I've been having a hard time getting the right color payoff with, and wow, just the lightest touch with these brushes picks up the perfect amount of pigment and applies it so smoothly, no patchiness whatsoever. The #4 is by far my favorite, and could easily do my whole eye look with this one brush. I also really love the #2 for highlighting as well as blending out crazily pigmented blush (a common problem for me as a lover of hot pinks)! All the other brushes are wonderful as well, the only one I don't expect to get a ton of use out of is the #1, but that's only because I prefer a beauty blender for my foundation. I'm very happy about this purchase, this set really took the guess work out of upgrading my brushes because I already trusted Wayne after watching his videos and he didn't let me down. Now I can use all my pallettes to their full potential :)

Glad to add this to my becca collection :)

I just got this in my lucky bag and was hoping that I'd get it! I watched a ton of unboxing videos and saw that many (but not all) boxes. Lately I've really been loving Becca- the brand has taught me not to be afraid of luminous, glowing skin! I got the chanpagne glow pallette to start, and recently purchased their liquid highlight in pearl, because I honestly had no idea what that product was about but knew it was on elf the brand's original products. I started using that as a luminous base before primer, but I think using it every day was making me break out. This primer is a lighter consistency than the liquid skin perfector, but gives the same glowing base. I live the frosted glass bottle as well as the fact that the pump dispenses the perfect amount, which is great! It made my foundation go on so smoothly, and throughout the day my skin has just been looking fresh and dewy. Thanks, beautylish for adding this to my collection!