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The Anniversary Set

The Anniversary Set Lookbook

To commemorate the second anniversary of its launch on Beautylish, Wayne Goss is reissuing the best-selling brush set that started it all. Everything you love about The Collection, reimagined in a new limited edition release.

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Natalie T.
Blush brush sheds every time I use it

I’ve had this set for several years now- the eye brushes are great, but the blush brush has left hairs on my face every time I use it since the first day.

Annette M.
Finest Quality Japanese Brushes at a Great Price

Having sensitive skin, I find many makeup brushes to be too stiff or more needle-like when they hit the skin, instead of soft. I own mostly mid-range synthetics, some about ten or so years old, and I decided it was time for an upgrade. After much research on craftsmanship and reviews of Japanese brushes, I purchased the Wayne Goss Anniversary Set due to its combination of quality and affordability. They are phenomenal. It's true that the 01 brush sheds a little, but from experience, that's typical of the first several applications with natural hair brushes, so it didn't bother me. These brushes give me a fine, airbrushed finish for naturally flawless-looking skin. I own a couple Chikuhodo Z series brushes and the performance is about the same.

Fab S.
Wonderful artist-level set

This is my first new set of fancy make-up brushes and after much consideration, I am SO glad that I purchased it. Beautylish delivered them at lightning speed (thanks!).

Every single brush feels so luxurious--very well made too! While I am somewhat of a novice to fancy MU brushes, I am glad I held out for these WG ones, which have made applying makeup for me a dream. I have found so many uses for them and continue to discover new ways for applying makeup (powders mainly).

Beautylish's return policy makes it much more tempting to purchase this set, so don't hesitate!

And thanks Wayne for creating such a great set of brushes!

Geby S.
Amazing set of brushes

Beautiful brushes! I absolutely love this Anniversary set. It contains every necessary brush style to create most looks. They are super soft on your skin, easy to hold and apply product wonderfully. The container is perfect for travel and keeping your brushes clean and safe as well.

Melissa G.

Wayne was right, these are the most softest brushes ever. Defenetly worth the money. Dream brushes.

Tracy P.

Love love love Wayne Goes Anniversary brush collection I'm done looking for brushes this collects completes me . The softness and smoothness I feel on my lids is perfection .

Rasaja H.
These brushes will change your life

these are a dream. I especially love the number 1 brush. I get compliments on my FLAWLESS foundation on the daily. Literally looks airbrushed. Eyeshadow never blended better, and the push eyeliner brush is a game changer for someone with hooded eyes (like me).

Ana R.

This brush set is marvelous one of the best in mu collection!! They really blend products and you get a flawless application!! Love them

Victoria F.
Beautiful brushes

I got the anniversary set and the eye set and they are amazing. Very soft and they make putting on make up such a joy now. I don't think I'll ever be able to use other brushes now. Thank you Wayne for bringing your dream to life! I'm sure every single person that buys these will fall in love with them.

Cheyenne B.
01 Brought the set down

I love Wayne Goss brushes and this set is lovely. However, the 01 brush shed all over my face on it's first use. The size is nice and I really wanted it to work, but the 01 Brush is a bust.

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