Beauty Product Reviews

Not for Pale People

So normally, I mix 4 drops of marula oil into my moisturizer morning and night. Tonight, I ran out of marula and decided to open and use my box of this instead.

I immediately looked like I was attempting to impersonate our president’s complexion. There’s no way I can wear this to bed, let alone during the day. Hard pass!

Maybe I could use this mixed into my body moisturizer, but not my face. Maybe if you have a much deeper skintone than I do, but I’m super pale (CoverFX N1), so this will not go on my face again.

Fancy Eyeshadow Brush Holder

The concept that this will hold 75 brushes is blatantly exaggerated. None of the compartments hold my Chikuhodo Z-1 and I had to stretch the pocket to hold the Z-2. Good luck fitting those cheap bell-shaped Real Techniques brushes in here. I can fit approximately 40 eyeshadow brushes and 6 small face brushes. They come out a bit squished after traveling.

There's better out there. Save your money.

Even more perfect than the original.

I have the original face set (excluding #10), and now own the new face set. When the brushes are all freshly washed and dried the difference in softness isn't significant. I prefer the new set only because of brush #10. I had zero interest in the original #10 because I rarely wear liquid foundation, and when I do, I prefer to use a flat synthetic and a beautyblender. I do love brush #2 for setting my under eyes, and had been considering getting duplicates anyway. The new brush #10 is equivalent to the #2, so it's perfectly interchangeable. Now I essentially have duplicates for all my favorite face brushes without having identical ones I can't tell apart.

I will add that I have skin that is easily irritated, and have many broken capillaries on my cheeks that can become inflamed with rough brushes. I haven't had that problem since I started using the first Wayne Goss face set, and I'm equally thrilled with the new set.

Now if only Wayne would do an all white goat eye set, my collection would be complete! *hint, hint*

Stellar--pairs perfectly with The Collection

I have every Wayne Goss brush with the exception of the 00, 1 and 10. This eye set pairs perfectly with the eye brushes from The Collection. Here are my thoughts in order of favorite to least liked:

The 19 is the perfect crease brush. Enough firmness to blend well, but soft enough to not irritate my eyes at all. I typically use this as an all-over crease brush, then add dimension with the original Brush 5, and blend with Brush 3. 5 stars for this brush.

I adore brush 16 for all-over lid color. I have oily eyelids, so I need a primer, setting powder and then all-over skin colored shadow. This makes that process so fast. It is soft, and gives me the perfect well blended base with just one brush. 5 stars for this brush.

Brush 17 if perfect for putting down a shimmery shade in the center of the lid, but is just a little too big to be precise. But if you're in a hurry--this is a gem. 5 stars for this brush.

Brush 20 can be used the same way I use the original Brush 5, but more precise. Before I had gotten my hands on the original Brush 5, I used this for adding dimension to the outer corner, and since the original Brush 5 isn't available anymore--this is the best alternative I can recommend. 5 stars for this brush.

Lastly, Brush 18--this looks somewhat like a smaller version of brush 17, but no. This is the only brush in the Eye Set that I rarely reach for. The size is ideal, and should pair beautifully with brush 17 as its more detailed little brother. However, this brush feels awful on my lids. It is scratchy. Oddly, it is the only brush of any that I own that Wayne Goss makes that I find scratchy. All of the brown goat brushes Wayne makes are amazingly soft. This is not the same hair. It could be a mix, but whatever it is mixed with feels like steel wool. I have very sensitive skin that gets inflamed very easily, and unless I am careful and just pack this on the lid without moving it at all, it feels uncomfortable to use. I wish this brush had been made with the same material as brush 17. That would make this set absolutely perfect. 2 1/2 stars for this brush.

So if we're grading 90% is still an 'A -' grade.

If you don't have sensitive skin and eyelids, Brush 18 probably won't bother you. But for me, it is a loss. I don't know why Wayne decided to make the material different for Brush 18, if I had to guess I would assume he was trying to give it some extra structure--which definitely happened. But this brush set would be absolutely perfect if Brush 18 was soft like the others--which would make it a 5 star brush for me.

Beautiful shade, but too delicate.

I bought the Rose Gold shade. The color was beautiful. I hadn't had it terribly long when I opened it and it was shattered. I haven't had an eyeshadow shatter on me in over a decade, and the last time it happened, it was a cheap drugstore product. So needless to say if I wanted a loose pigment, I would have purchased one.

Don't buy if you have oily skin

I have fairly oily skin. And don't get me wrong, this brush is impossibly soft. But this brush is not dense, nor does it pick up much powder.

So as a finishing brush, you will have to make multiple passes with powder, and the brush will become oily very quickly. I've had it less than a week, and I've already had to shampoo it twice to remove oil. Normally for powder brushes I simply wipe off excess on a paper towel and shampoo weekly, but I'm washing this almost as often as my concealer brush.

Therefore, I know I won't get the longevity I was hoping for from a high end powder brush.

This brush is simply not meant for my skin type, which it a big bummer.

For reference, none of my other Wayne Goss brushes have taken this much maintenance thus far.