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The Eye Set (2014)

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The Eye Set

Like all of Wayne’s brushes, The Eye Set is handcrafted from cruelty-free, ultra-soft natural bristles. Watch this introductory video to get the inside scoop on this set from Wayne himself.


Leslie S.
The Best Out There!

In my 50+ years, I've bought a lot of makeup brushes. Many end up in the circular file! About a year and a half ago, I bought a highly touted set that I hate. So I was skeptical about purchasing these. I'm SO GLAD I did! They are the best brushes I've ever used--and that's saying something, since I am no stranger to high end products! I am totally in love with the versatile pencil brush--worth its weight in gold! You get what you pay for, and these brushes prove it. Moreover, they are created by the adorable and wonderfully fab Wayne Goss, who is one of the most talented, creative and giving people ever. Needless to say I will be purchasing his face brushes. Rock on Wayne--and thank you!

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Debby R.
Excellent selection high quality

After doing extensive research on makeup brushes I was looking at many of the Japanese brands, however I kept putting off purchasing. Then I found Beautylish (which lets just give kudos for their excellent customer service), Wayne Goss came out with his brushes and I kept hearing great things. Well let me just say the brushes are well worth the investment. I love Brush #16 for blending out my eye shadows, contouring, cream blush and cream highlight. I have 3 of them. Brush #17 is excellent for laying down base color on the eyes. I am normally not a typical crease brush gal (I love my MAC #275 or Hakuhodo #239) but #19 got even me liking one of these. I hate to admit this but I am middle aged (oh God and all that is holy did I just admit that in a very public forum! gasp!) and as we age our skin in more sensitive. These brushes are so soft. even my beloved Billy B's that I use for traveling are not getting the same use after trying WG. Try it, what do you have to lose. We all know we end up spending our money on makeup brushes somewhere along the way. Enjoy!!

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kabana X.
My favorite eye brushes by far

This set is on par with the finest Japanese brushes. The #20 is amazing, I have several Japanese pencil brushes and the Wayne Goss is my favorite. I use these pretty much every day, great value for the price (and free shipping!).

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Amanda B.
I am so glad I bought these

First off I'd like to say I am soo impressed with shipping. I ordered Friday night and received it Monday morning...I am in Ireland!! I was expecting to be waiting a month as usual for an American website. Secondly the actual beautylish touch of a card telling me to enjoy my package and the wrapping paper so cute! I'm so impressed il be only buying from this website from now on...the fact they add on your tax so customs isn't a problem is an added bonus. So now to the brushes, again packaging is amazing and so plush! The brushes like everyone says are soo soft. Two of the larger brushes il be using for contouring as I just don't use flat brushes too much on the eyes but I love that if your unsure how to use a brush just go onto youtube and Wayne will tell you how to use them :) the handles are shorter than normal but I'm not fussy over something so stupid I mean it's the quality of the hair and how your make up looks that matters. All in all I'm delighted with the brushes and Wayne goss should be proud it really is a superior product and well worth the cash I spent I will be purchasing the other two because of how much I love this set.

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Renee W.
Love it
Photo of product included with review by Renee W.

Super soft very versatile! There are a couple I'll buy multiples of. Just wonderful. The blending brush is probably my favorite. It makes pulling a many color look together seamless.

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Trisha W.
Some of my favorite eye brushes! I reach for them everyday!!!

These are Superior quality brushes and after using Japanese hand crafted brushes you won't want to use anything else! Wayne has really lifted the bar in terms of brushes and while these are a splurge they are some of my Holy Grail brushes!!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/d9_0UDyTPNo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Missy N.

One word to describe these brushes ' Awesome' and are by far my favourite eye brushes that i own. I have very sensitive eyes that are hooded and have creases and extra skin from weight gain and loss over the years ( pregnancy ). I find that alot of brushes ( MAC ) feel too scratchy on my lids, however these brushes are like heaven... they are extremely soft and do not irritate my eyes at all! I find the brushes in this set versatile and i use the #16 brush for cream contouring as well as applying cream products to the lid. The #19 brush is good at applying super pigmented highlighters as it blends them out beautifully to leave a more natural glow on the skin, rather than a stark like you can see from space, it is my favourite blending brush for the crease too. The #20 brush is the best pencil brush ever and is also great for pinpointing blemishes. The only brush i dont use too often on myself (but do on clients) is the #17 brush and that is simply because i have small lid space so i reach for the #18 more. I find that all of the brushes are easy to clean, they dry quickly and still keep their original shape and feel super soft after every wash. I cannot live without these brushes when I want to apply eye shadow and could happily just live with only wayne goss eye brushes in my kit.

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Amanda Z.
Faaaaantastic for eyes & face

This set was part of a major brush overhaul I've been doing in 2015- thanks, Hubby! :):) These may be my absolute favorites out of everything I purchased (including a few brushes from WG's collection set- aaaand my Sakura set arrives tomorrow so let's see how that goes hehe). The brushes are amazingly soft yet dense enough for good application as well as blending. I love using #16 for a natural contour with my KA cream contour. And #17 works well for highlighting the cheek and inner and outer brow bone. And #20.... ooooh, I love lining my eyes with eyeshadow with that baby. So soft and doesn't bother my sensitive eyes. Love, love, love this set and I will likely purchase another 16 so that I can use one for creams on the face and one for blending powder shadows.

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Joy B.
Amazing, Perfect Brush Set

These are the best brushes that I have ever owned, exceeding all other pro brushes. I waited a few months before reviewing to give me time to use and clean the brushes several times, and they are still wonderful. The brushes are soft, retain their shape while flexing during application, perfectly dense for their purpose, and they pick-up and release pigment efficiently (I noticed that my shadow pots last longer). Each brush has multiple uses so they replaced quite a few of my old brushes, making them a bargain for the price. I'm replacing all of my current professional brushes with Wayne Goss brushes.

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Sunshine R.

This set is really good..... love this brand I'm not a professtional artist but these brushes make it easier to do your makeup only have 4 brushes left and I'll have all three sets.... Love it

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