Beauty Product Reviews

Amazing all in 1 go to mask for all skin types

Reduces redness, shrinks pimps and pores-

LOVE THIS MASK, smells like lavender and earthyness and is way chunky to glop on your face,..but I love it for all its attributes... I have blotchy wacky iffy skin and it always makes me look better and my make up go on smoother <3

Great beginner antiaging product for 18-35, relieves expression lines

L,ightweight, absorbs fast. Git it in the starter kit,....little bit lasted quite a while with daily use....cant wait to purchase again, far the whole line was great for my normal/ dehydrated 26 yr old face,.

Gave normally tangled FINE hair bounce and DETaNGLEd like a charm

I have used the face products and loved them so I was excited to try the hair care. ulta only had the Cond. so i bought it on sale for $5.60,....IT Is AMAZING..I LOVE it...i have a lot of very Fine Normal Color treated hair and it gets unmanagably tangled and flat in hours....the conditioner alone gave amazing hair was detangled,...managable, and had a great lightweight bounce,...even my bf complimented me on my hair. Now im seeking it out anywhere I can! It has a strong smell out of the bottle like vegetables- but I like dosnt sent the hair though-no worries

Surprised- I do love it,...

I saw this product reviewed here on BLish on a very FAIR skinned blond ..but I was intrigued by the dewiness and glow on her face!- I bought it at CVS for around $14 and I tryed it on a bare naked face,.. nothing happened,... eww,..then I tried it on a fully made-up face at the end of one of my MUA bffs application on me and BAM!- the under-eye area came to life! I was worried about only having one color but it is very sheer and looks bright and tight..... I use it at the end of my whole routine ( i use Hard Candy glamazon concealer and MAC mineralize and tarte bronzer) and it totally completes me ----BLend undereye and down a little on cheek for contour!

good coverage, well pigmented! -FYI Watch the color

After reading all the good reviews - I bought this at Walmart two days ago for $6.50. The coverage is very good under the eye and on a large patch of red on my cheek---and a word to the wise - a LITTLE goes a long way!! That said, my only complaint is that the color is strange at first, it Does Adjust after a minute so I would purchase again * I have a true medium skin tone- a very light olive and Medium was a bit too "gray" for me at first , until I blend,.. as the winter goes on I will buy light and mix the two, in the summer medium may-may not suffice,.. then I will mix with dark-- its worth the extra work because of the creamy dewy coverage,..

its ok,..not a top 5

I tried this mascara and it served its purpose for a while but I really prefer Maybelline Falsies,...also I thought this mascara was marketed as a fiber mascara?-which it definatley is NOT,.. for that I prefer Fairy Drops,.. a great Japanese fiber and growth formula.

Lightweight and not too greasy!

I have owned this product for a while and never really used it or payed it much attention until I saw the reviews on Beautylish. I decided to try it again and I have to say, for my medium-fine color treated hair it was lightweight and helped detangle my snarls!