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It's Alright!

In my opinion this stuff is way too expensive! It had a lot of very fine grains in it and I think it was a bit too harsh for my sensitive, acne-prone skin. One thing you have to worry about is over-exfoliating which I think would be easy to do if you used this stuff more than once a week. However, I did really like the way my skin felt after and would be interested to see how my skin looked/felt after multiple uses. For a review of this product and others check out:

Love it and hate it

This eye makeup remover works WONDERS! In fact, I even think it works better than Lancome eye makeup remover. However, it is a rinse of formula and if you don't rinse you can risk burning your sensitive eye area. The rinsing is very inconvenient and can make any leftover eye makeup run again and so you are having to clean and then rinse more than once. Check out my full review and other reviews at :

Not good for tough jobs

I found this to be too oily and it didn't do a very good job at tough eye-makeup jobs. I definitely prefer the Lancome eye-makeup remover to this any day.

It's alright!

This facial mask was great on my skin. However, I wasn't able to tell if it reduced my acne issues but it definitely left my skin feeling clean and I know clay masks are good for oily skin. I also suggest it because it is free of so many 'bad' things! I have sensitive skin and this mask never burned or itched after use. Check out my review of this product at:

I like it!

I received this for Xmas last year and thought it worked really well! It didn't last very long though which was unfortunate. The one think about post-acne marks is that they fade over time anyways so it's hard to tell if the treatment actually worked or if it was just time but it seemed like it really helped! I'd be interested in seeing other peoples reviews!

No such thing as 'smart shade'

I purchased this stuff and it is basically pink. After I use it and there is some left in the cap it turns pink, the same reddish pink it turns on my face so it doesn't magically know my shade it just has its own shade. Nothing special! I'd rather use a powder blush that I now exactly what the colour is before I purchase it.

I love these!

My makeup station is full of MAC and these eyeshadows! Most colours are so pigmented but be careful! Some are not so great so always try the testers first! I have a couple reviews of the different colours on my blog: so check it out if you want to get the most bang for your buck!

Not enough pigment

I have to layer this stuff on to make it work and that is not something I want to be fighting with when it comes to blush :( I will not buy this product again.

So expensive!

This stuff is way too expensive for what it gives. I love the colour selection they have except that it is a really sticky lipgloss--I mean REALLy sticky. And it also costs about $22 Canadian at full price so in my opinion it is not worth it.

The best stuff I've found yet!

I wear a lot of eye makeup and this stuff gets most of it off. However, I still have some black under my eyes in the morning so it doesn't get it all off. And, it also didn't get off a 'lash tint' that you can wear for up to two days so it's definitely not THE best stuff.

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