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ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

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Julianne J.
Nice to try something new

I got this as a sample along with plenty of others when I received my Sephora Blockbuster makeup set last XMas. I'm glad I got to try out a Kate Somerville product because I had obviously heard good things and I know its probably expensive. Plus I like trying new things out before I make a purchase. I hadn't gotten around to using it until the past few months- and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing because I don't know when it was supposed to expire. I know what IS a good thing- the fact that the product looked and felt very natural. It was green and gooey- very gross and algae like (was that just mine?) and smelled like cinnamon. It actually made me think of a Kiss My Face product I tried years ago. The cinnamon tingled the skin and the scrubbing agents weren't too harsh but were abrasive enough to make me feel clean. Because of its rawness I might have been using it way past its expiration date- but it still smelled fine and worked great on my skin. I'm not sure I would buy this though- it has a definitely different smell and look- although I liked the texture because it really did do a great deep clean. All in all, I would love to try out other Kate Somerville products, especially sample sizes.

Natalie C.
Love Love Love

This stuff is great! It smells like cinnamon and makes my skin feel warm and tingly. My skin tends to glow every time I use it. I also love that Sephora sells a travel size version of this product. The only thing I don't love about it, is the price to volume ratio. It's quite expensive for a small amount of product. I know the ingredients are great so at least that justifies the price. Because of that, I tend to use this either once a week or for special occasions.

Sammi W. Team
incredible exfoliator

I got to try out this exfoliator with my beautylish "the beauty social" gift bag (score! BTW -- there were so many amazing products gifted and I will definitely do my best to go to the next beauty social) and let me say... this exfoliator is fantastic. You use a bit of manual exfoliation then the enzymes gently slough off the dead skin. Then, radiance. My mother also tried out the product and fell in love... this product makes your skin feel so soft and new. Definitely want to try Kate's other products now.

Leslie H.
Amazing exfoliator

I got this exfoliator on a whim because my friend had mentioned Kate Somerville products when we were talking about skincare. I love it so much! It's one of the best exfoliators I've ever used. It's intense and it kind of surprised me the first time I used it, but after using it my skin felt baby smooth and new again. I would not recommend this for people who have SUPER sensitive skin because it does sting a bit, but for me it was perfect.

Nancy M.

i received this in my beauty social goody bag and oh my....as soon as i rinsed my face off I could totally see a difference! my face felt super smooth. I took my dawgy for a walk and I was walking like if I had a glow around my face hahah! as if everyone can see how radiant I loooked! i didnt even put makeup on! now i wana try more of her products.

Jean V.
Love this exfoliator!

I received a sample packet of this exfoliator from Sephora.com & tried it almost immediately. I feel it definitely lived up to its promises as the next best thing to an in office exfoliation treatment. Loved the scent - something like cloves? Could definitely feel the enzymes working away at dissolving my dead skin cells, but it wasn't too harsh or irritating on my skin. The results were extremely SOFT (yet not dried out) healthy-looking skin. It is a little pricey, but not when you consider what we pay for our facials and other dermatological procedures. Looking forward to purchasing a full size of this.

Elyse M.
LOVE LOVE, my beauty product of the week!

I love this product so much, I just posted it as my beauty favorite for the week on my blog, http://elysemichellemakeup.blogspot.com/ check it out to see my entire review of the ExfoliKate products!

Nancy-Lee C.
Skip it if you're on a topical Retinol.

So I received the .5oz tube as swag ($19 retail). The 2oz sells for $85 (!) and there is a 5oz for $185 (!!) I agree with Mary K - it is too expensive BUT it works. The vessel is an inverted squeeze tube, I like it because the product will work it's way towards the cap, naturally, so you can use every drop. The cap is hinged and snaps closed tightly.

Remember this is a treatment not a traditional scrub per se. It is grainy but the idea is not to use the granules to exfoliate but to let the enzyme do the actual work. You squeeze a small dollop onto your finger tips and smooth around your damp face, avoiding lips and eye area. Now wait about 30 seconds for the enzymes to do their thing and rinse off.

Let me start by saying I use Tri-Luma. A prescription retinol cream for acne and age spots. ExfoliKate is too harsh for my skin in conjunction with the Tri-Luma but I will give the best review I can.

It BURNS. It is the same shade as wheatgrass, that bright vibrant grass green. I wet my face and applied the product and IMMEDIATELY I could feel the burn. I knew it would happen b/c of the Tri-Luma I just didn't think it would be that intense. I smeared it around for about 20 seconds and then waited and burned and waited some more. It seems to start to alternate between hot burning and cool burning after my 30 second wait was up. Since I like to push the envelope - I waited 45 seconds before rinsing to see if the burning would subside which would lead me to believe the enzymes finished. It never stopped burning, btw.

I rinsed it off, noticing it took a while to get all of the granules off of my skin and hairline, then followed with my moisturizer and SPF 30. (I usually use Clinique 3-Step, today I skipped step 2 and went straight for step 3).

It says you will be red for up to 20 minutes after use because of an increase in circulation. I'm pretty pink from Rosacea and acne - I actually thought I looked very uniform in colour, not red at all. I was however sensitive to the touch. I am having a bad break-out session right now but I was sensitive all over, not just at the site of my breakouts.

My skin looks radiant, the product was easy to use and did rinse clean off. I think this should be a once a week item not a twice a week (unless you're a man)

It's been about 4 hours since I used it. My skin is very smooth and I am a little less oily then usual, by this time.

Would I buy I again? No. It is a Designer Diva price and I am a budget-conscious-Beauty. More importantly, it is not the right product to add to my personal skin care regime, at this time.

I'll stick with my Clarisonic and 3.5oz 7 Day Scrub Cream and save $150. ;-)

WEEK 1 FOLLOWUP: Today is the third time that I used this and I am upping it 1/2 star. I love how my skin feels. SO FREAKING SOFT. I use a clarisonice 2x a day and I can feel a difference with this addition. My acne is clearing up and it's not so intense on the burning (cinnamon oil). I am using my full 3-Step and no additional burning from the alcohol clarifying lotion. If it weren't so expensive I WOULD buy it again.

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Mary K.
It's Alright!

In my opinion this stuff is way too expensive! It had a lot of very fine grains in it and I think it was a bit too harsh for my sensitive, acne-prone skin. One thing you have to worry about is over-exfoliating which I think would be easy to do if you used this stuff more than once a week. However, I did really like the way my skin felt after and would be interested to see how my skin looked/felt after multiple uses. For a review of this product and others check out: http://producthoarder.blogspot.com

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