Beauty Product Reviews


I'm an avid lover and user of chapsticks, balms, treatments, etc. I have a drawer full and can never find the perfect one - hence me always trying something new. Well, two weeks ago I finally used my points in Sephora to "buy" the trio they were offering. It has a great smell, leaves your lips with a perfect tint (almost like you played in the snow), and keeps lips smooth. The packaging is adorable, much better than how must lip balms are packaged. The one thing I did not like is that it is TOO soft and easily breaks - I broke part of it already and am sad. Other than that, I would use it again but I would use my points to buy it.


I was eager to try this foundation as people had suggested that it was similar to MAC foundation and would have the same overall effect minus breaking my skin out. However, I was initially please with the product and loved it but as time went on I began to dislike this foundation. It left a very heavy feeling on my skin, made me extremely oily & shiny even with blotting sheets and a matte powder over it. It is hard to blend, made my wearing of foundation very noticeable, plus it was on the expensive side. I wouldn't purchase this again and am a bit upset now that I have this bottle and don't want to use it.

Thumbs Down

I'd been on the hunt for a tinted moisturizer for a few months and came across Laura Mercier. I was instantly drawn to it because there was a plethora of colors to choose from ( as opposed to drug store and other high end brands), light to full coverage, and that it was oil free - which was the kicker for me. However, after a few months of using this product, I must say that I'm quite disappointed. It says it is oil-free but within five minutes of applying this to my face - I'm shiny and oily requiring the use of oil blotting sheets. I'd heard such great reviews from people with oily/combination skin that it worked wonders for them but it just didn't do that for me. I even put a primer on before, applied my regular moisturizer and let that sit for a few minutes before applying Laura Mercier. On top of that, it made my skin very unappealing, at least in my opinion. If it wasn't for the shine and oil, I would continue to use this product but with the weather in Hawaii and having combination skin this just isn't working for me.

I've been using this product for the past six months whenever I have slight breakouts. I don't recommend this for anyone who has severe acne problems because it is only meant to reduce/diminish the appearance of moderate to zero acne.It clears up my small problems really quickly but it does burn especially if the pimple has been popped.

Everyday Fragrance

I've been wearing this since high school and I have to say that it is the best perfume on the market today. It smells amazing without being too powerful and has just the right amount of gardenia and ilang-ilang. You can wear it year round and transition it from day to night.

Instantly loved this the moment I put it on my skin. It worked wonders on my skin - really doing what is it supposed to do. I also loved that it didn't have a smell.