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Julez V.

I absolutley love this perfume!!! It was a gift for my birthday. The only problem is that I can never find it...and Its one of my favorites. Can't wait to buy it!

Lakayla  N.

I love this fragrance! On birthdays or christmas i tell everyone to get me Michael Kors. It smells sooooo good, you can wear it anywhere. I always get complimented when I have on this scent.

TRY IT.....You'll LOVE it!

Nikki Z.
So delicious

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS FRAGRANCE!!! First of all, anything Michael Kors does is amazing. But this is hands down my favorite scent he does. It smells like the most perfect mixture of coconut, tanning oil, fruit and the beach. Perfect for summer, but could be worn whenever. And I can smell it on me all day long which I appreciate. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this perfume. Just go smell it and see for yourself. Totally worth it!

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gee m.

This is one of my all time favorite fragrances! This is a fragrance that I continue to purchase everytime I run out. Each time I wear this fragrance I always get compliments and ask what fragrance I am wearing. The scents stays on my skin and clothes all day so I don't have to apply over and over again, and I don't need a lot to get that desired smell I want. Another great thing about this fragrance is if you cannot afford to purchase the the bigger sizes you can purchase the rollerball for $22.00.

Porsche M.
Everyday Fragrance

I've been wearing this since high school and I have to say that it is the best perfume on the market today. It smells amazing without being too powerful and has just the right amount of gardenia and ilang-ilang. You can wear it year round and transition it from day to night.

Cat L.
This is my #1 go to fragrance

I love love love this fragrance!!!! I think its funny how in the notes it doesn't say gardenia. Because I smell alot of gardenia in this and I love the smell of gardenias. I can't live without this perfume! I <3 Michael Kors!

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Angela W.
Flowery but seductive...

It's hard to make a really floral fragrance sexy in a seductive kind of way but I think MK pulled it off nicely here. It's light enough to wear year round but not so sugary sweet that you couldn't get away with it when it's really cold out or for a fancy night out. I don't wear it all the time, but every time I do, I'm reminded of why it's been on my "to buy" list for years!