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This stuff is amazing (for me), I have combination skin, meaning that some parts are oily and some parts are dry. Add to that the fact that I have sensitive skin, and it makes my shopping for skin care ridiculously hard for me. So when I got a try-me size of this, when I bought $25 of benefit products from ultra, I was dubious but it has worked wonders for me, It's covered up almost all of my very large pores (thanks to my 100% Polish mother), and has actually improved my skin tone ... though I doubt it was meant to do this, it has and I am overall ecstatic with this product I would definitely get it again.

Stays put without irritation!

I got this when I was on a Sephora spree, and I'm so glad I did. Usually when I put liner on my water line my eyes become blood shot due to irritation, but this liner not only doesn't irritate my eye, it stayed put for two weddings in a row!

Love, Love, Love this!

I was actually going on a sephora spree, and knew that I needed new blue and green eye shadows, so when I saw this I couldn't help but grab it! I used the next day, and got SO many compliments from teachers and students alike! The texture is so smooth and velvety, and the odors are not only beautifully pigmented but they blend so well! I would definitely recommend this to everyone! I plan on getting more soon!

Okay for the price...

I had a huge 15 products for $50 haul, and this was a surprise gift, for going over $40, I was really excited because I knew that I needed a white eyeliner. The shadow part was great as a base for bright shadows. But the eyeliner is ridiculously bad! It was dry when I first opened it, and it had almost no pigment at all!

Beautifully Pigmented!

I can't even begin to say how amazing I found this palette, a big problem I usually get is that matte colors aren't pigmented enough,but the mattes were even more pigmented than that of the shimmers. My only con is that it didn't come with a brush. But it is redeemed and more by the variety of colors, and how it's a mix of shimmers and mattes. Overall a great buy from sephora for $30!

Oh Em Gee!

This stuff is amazing, my lashes are almost non-existent when I go without mascara, not only does this stuff give me nice long lashes, but it gives me curves and volume. I have small eyes as it is, but with just one coat of this, my eyes are not only widened but, brightened as well! I'm so glad I bought this!

Use it every day

I bought this whilst on vacation with my boyfriend in denver (he bought it for me) and it is the only too faced product I have considering I am broke, but once I got this, I fell in love with it, it was the perfect consistency and texture, and I have gotten so many compliments on how it's the "perfect pink for me", when you put it on, it's not to sticky and a little goes a long way. I have used on almost every girl in my current gig, and they love it, the photographer loves it, and I love it. When I run out, I would definitely go back for more.

just okay...

It dried nicely, and gave me nice color. but once I put the balm over it, it got almost sand like, it got crusty and just icky feeling in general.


I love this stuff! It exfoliates, smells great, and wakes me up in the morning! It makes me feel so fresh and it even acts as a moisturizer. My only problem is that almost all neutrogena products change the color of my towels.


It was just okay, I'm not a huge fan of the matte color, but I also really love the shimmery color. The matte color is also almost too pigmented. I love the idea and the packaging though.

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