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Lycra Lash Extender Mascara - Black

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ramie x.

I got this from cvs on clearance for $2 and I was surprised by the outcome it lengthens your lashes. I definitely recommend it! You won't be disappointed I don't even curl my lashes because it gives my lashes a curl and it holds very well.

Karla G.
Get it!!!

Ok so first of all i love the brush.!:) Second is when you apply it on your eyes it makes it look like you have fake lashes!!:) But you have to apply like two coats to get the volume you want!:) It does not really flake.

Sabrina R.
Not my first pick

I got this because I have been curious about a lot of Rimmel London products. This is the third mascara I've tried by them and my least favorite. Even though it does lengthen quite nicely, but it does clump my lashes together. It is a good mascara, but just not my first pick.

Jaclyn G.
daytime fave

I've been wearing this every day lately. It's a great daytime mascara, very natural looking but still gives you length with some thickness and definition. It's also good when you want the focus on a strong lip.

Shelley W.
Best Drugstore Brand

Overall this has to be the best mascara I've tried. This really thickens up and lengthens up my lashes without feeling irritating or flaking come the end of the day. It was also a bonus to find it on sale at Walgreens for $3.79 when it usually goes for $7. Before I using CDior and I received great results from that but why spend $25 when I get something just as good for under $10 bucks.

Pamela M.
Oh Em Gee!
Photo of product included with review by Pamela M.

This stuff is amazing, my lashes are almost non-existent when I go without mascara, not only does this stuff give me nice long lashes, but it gives me curves and volume. I have small eyes as it is, but with just one coat of this, my eyes are not only widened but, brightened as well! I'm so glad I bought this!

Holly K.
Must have

This is a mascara that i absolutely love! it makes my lashes look longer and thicker. My lashes curl a lot naturallly but this mascara makes the curl look soo much better. They look really shiny and healthy and whenever i actually touch my lashes they feel smooth and i can barely tell that i'm wearing mascara. Something i really really love about this mascara is that when i'm applying it if i want something natural looking i can easily apply only a little, and if i want something more dramatic i can apply more without clumping or spider lashes-- and if i do wear a bit more than normal it doesnt flake.