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Nice for the price.

I bought a whole bunch of these the last time Walgreen's had them on sale for $0.69. That's a great price for nail polish. I have yet to try them all but I have tried Tickled Pink. It's a very pastel pink that looks milky. The finish was glossy which I love. The color was cute. This nail polish is not long lasting. Maybe 3 days before chipping began. I'm OK with that. I get bored wearing the same color on my nails for long periods of time. I believe they are around a dollar at regular price so that's good. I like it. I need to try out the other shades I purchased.


I am in love with this product. I only have one, though, but I am really happy with it. The pigmentation is wonderful, the texture is so soft. Lovedust is a bronzy/coppery color wish loads of shimmer. It is messy when applied since it's a loose shadow but that's OK with me. I only wish I had purchased the other colors. I believe it was $10 and there were about 5 (white, pink, blue, purple, and maybe black) more to chose from. My honest opinion, I like it. A lot.

♥ I wore Lovedust on my crease in the photo. ♥

Check my blog post featuring Lovedust here: <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>

Tons o' Plum

I have this VS Luminous Shadow in Tons o' Plum and I like it. The shade is a pretty lavender and super shimmery. The applicator makes it easy to apply to the eyes but there is a lot of fall out. I use my finger to blend it in. If I use a brush, most of the shadow is just brushed off. This shadow is very soft and silky. I, personally, like this product. I wish I had purchased more.

♥ I used Tons o' Plum along the lower lash line in the photo. ♥

Good for the price.

I only have 4 of these which I bought on the same day. I bought them for only $0.93! That's a bargain. They are not the best, of course, but they are good. I found them to be very pigmented. They are not "ultra" moisturizing but they didn't try out my lips either. The smell is waxy. Ugh. The worst part is the packaging, though. I will agree with all the other reviews on that one. I hate that the lipstick doesn't go all the way inside the tube. That would make it so much better. I hate nicking my lipstick every time I go to remove or put the cap back on. Other than that, for less than a dollar, I can't complain. I would probably get some more. You can check out the swatches on my lips for the shades: Cafe, Sheer Red, Blossom, and Violet Shine on my blog.

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I need another one!

Maybe the first mascara I have that I can honestly say, "I'm in love!" My sister gave me this mascara which I'm guessing was a gift with purchase because it is a small trial size. I use it everyday! On days when I don't wear makeup at all, I only use this mascara because it makes my lashes look so much longer and therefore, bigger! The formula I will say is on the wet side and it does take a while to dry so be careful when you apply it, sometimes it leaves those nasty little black dots on my eyelids. There is a lot of lengthening but not much thickening. Bummer. No clumping at all which is good and it didn't flake on me either. Yay! Great stuff so I think I am going to purchase the full size product of this one.

Avon Mirror Shine in Polish

I have the old bottle of this nail polish. I've had mine for such a long time and I just used it the other day and it's still good as new. I have Polish and it's a purple shade. I love it. It does give you a "foiled" appearance and the color is very opaque. The finish is not as glossy or shiny as I would like but the metallic finish is awesome. The application is wonderful. One coat is enough to get the right coverage. I think it even dries rather quickly. I like it.

Perfect face perfector.

This product is so great. It feels amazing when applied to the skin and a little goes a long way. It's like a light creamy gel but feels like powder when blended into the skin. I use this mainly to cover up my pores around my nose and cheeks and they disappear. And it does work for combating shine. This makes your skin feel smooth and makeup application goes on better. When I don't feel like wearing foundation or a full face of makeup, I use this with a little mascara and lip gloss and I look good. Very good product.

Antiqued Gold

I was given this nail polish as an added extra bonus in a giveaway I won recently from a fellow blogger. I had never used a crackle polish before so I was excited to try this one. She gave me Antiqued Gold and when I saw the bottle, I loved the color. I applied it over Jordana Nail Polish in Boy Oh Boy and I thought the end result was great! The application on the other hand was just eh :/ It was a bit thick and too gloopy for me. I had to keep shaking the bottle after applying it to a couple of nails to thin it out a bit. I did like it in the end, just the application was a major turn off for me. I am interested in trying out the other colors :)

Long lasting lippie.

This shade is way more pink that I am accustomed to but I like it! These lipsticks are more on the matte side. There is no shimmer, no gloss, just a tiny bit of barely there shine. I would say they are matte. A lip gloss over these would be great. A gloss would keep the lips feeling more moisturized while the lipstick is very long lasting.

Pretty color.

I do think this color is very pretty. Nice pink shade with a tad bit of coral to it. Looks great on. But again, while it is very pigmented, it is drying. Better to apply over lip balm.

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