Lash Doubling Mascara

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Dawn H.
Awesome mascara! Love love love it!
Photo of product included with review by Dawn H.

This mascara is one of my favourites. I didn't have high hopes for it as I have tried other Clinique mascaras and they were all disappointing. I received this mascara as a GWP (gift with purchase), so I thought I'd give it a go. I was shocked! It lengthened so much! I didn't see much volumizing, but I don't need much help in that department as my lashes are fairly thick. What I do look for in a mascara is lengthening, and this one is great for that. This mascara does not clump, applies really smoothly, and does not transfer onto my under-eye skin. You also only need one coat of this stuff to make your lashes look amazing.

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Mari W.
Good but not the lash doubling effect

Though I did see a little length, I saw next to no volume. This mascara leans more to the wet side so I gave it a couple of weeks for the air in the tube to dry the product. That’s when I began to see some volume. The bristle brush tapers significantly so there is a way to maneuver to get product to the corners as well as the bottom lashes. There is no flaking of the product throughout the day. For my lashes, I do not see significant difference over drugstore mascara half the price. I also see little use in paying more for mascara only to wait a couple of weeks before I see anything remotely like the “lash doubling” effect.

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Sophie M.

i use to LOVE Lancome's mascara's till i realized the formula was making my lashes fall out...I personally am not a fan of clinique, and would have never used this product if it wasnt a sample. but i was SO SO SO SO impressed with this mascara, without even curling my lashes they stayed curled all day through work and the gym. def one of the best mascara;s ive ever used. and it really does give you a lash doubling effect. i would def buy this mascara again...

Riana T.

One of my favorite mascaras so far.

Depending on how you apply it, you can make your eye lashes look natural yet long, or look bigger and thicker.

I love that you can control it and the wand is very light and the brush gets thin at the end so you can even get your inner corner eye lashes as well.

Lisa M.
I need another one!
Photo of product included with review by Lisa M.

Maybe the first mascara I have that I can honestly say, "I'm in love!" My sister gave me this mascara which I'm guessing was a gift with purchase because it is a small trial size. I use it everyday! On days when I don't wear makeup at all, I only use this mascara because it makes my lashes look so much longer and therefore, bigger! The formula I will say is on the wet side and it does take a while to dry so be careful when you apply it, sometimes it leaves those nasty little black dots on my eyelids. There is a lot of lengthening but not much thickening. Bummer. No clumping at all which is good and it didn't flake on me either. Yay! Great stuff so I think I am going to purchase the full size product of this one.

Minjee Y.
awesome lengthening mascara

I love how the brush is for this mascara. The wand is tapered towards the front so that you can easily get into the grooves of your inner eyes. DON'T GET THIS IN YOUR EYES THOUGH. IT BURNS!!!! Just warning ya. The formula is very wet to me BUT IT WORKS. It still works. Now I have the sample size and I love it because it comes in handy when I travel and I can use it on my lower lashes and it just makes them look so long and beautiful to the point where they touch my face and I have stubborn short asian lashes.

Dani C.
Solid performer

I got a samples of this mascara and I really like the finish of it. I think that it goes on very smoothly and it builds easily without clumping. It definitely lengthens lashes, but volume isn't quite there. I love how it separates my lashes too, My only drawback is that it takes a long time to dry, so I usually use it on weekends at night where I have a little more time to get ready. Otherwise, it's great!

Julianne J.
Not my fave

My friend had two mini sample sizes of this mascara that she hadn't been using. I don't have any other Clinique products so when she asked if I wanted them I was happy to "take them off her hands" :) In the interest of crafting the most accurate review, I might edit this If I find I take to this mascara, or if trying it once more, I am confirmed of my negative opinion. I love the chic, minimalist packaging. The cap screws very tightly, so no messes made on that part. But I'm not a fan of how wet the formula is. I like my mascaras to be a little wet, but definitely more tacky and damp then full on liquidy. (Maybe I'll leave the cap a little loose to dry it out a tad.) This also (might have) irritated my eyes- maybe from the wet sensation on my lashes, or just by the formula. I find it a little ironic that Clinique is a sensitive skin based brand, yet it bothered my eyes! I do admire their safety factor. The label reads "In case of eye irritation, discontinue use and see your ophthalmologist at once". Thanks for the consideration Clinique! :) (I'm not running to the doc anytime soon, though.) I don't recall anything outstanding about lash separation, lack of clumps, major lengthening or volume, but I'm sure it looked just fine. It just didn't seem to jive with my eyes the most comfortably. Mind you, I do have sensitive eyes, and when I have makeup on, it takes my eyes a few hours to settle and become friends with its its new partners- liner, shadow and mascara. Would I try something from Clinique again? Yes- maybe a mascara, but most definitely some of their facial products! I still have plenty of product with the two of my minis combined. If my eyes will be behave I might take an angled liner brush and swipe over the bristles and on to my lash line for a little quick cat eye.