Beauty Product Reviews

Worth the money!

I have two of the pallets and I only used the to create this look. They do not have a great pigment but can be combined with a primer or white liner to make them pop more. They are perfect for my budding aspirations. I used them in the triangles, eyes and on the lips! They worked wonderfully. I would definitely buy more of them.

Works well

I have used this on myself and for a photoshoot. Model was my sister. She has oily skin and she looked fantastic. She even went out and bought it the next day. They have a lot of different colors that match many skin tones. I have a lot of red in my face but yellow in my neck and this evens me out beautifully. For the price it is a good product.


This primer worked very well for a photoshoot that I did with my little sister for school. She has some blemishes being in high school and all. It worked beautifully. I only used a small amount of concealer under her eyes and on the blemishes and a foundation. I think that it worked very well on her skin. Below is her before and after. I can say that I agree it has a pretty horrible smell and I cannot attest to the lasting ability as she washed her face to get the hair dye out.

Fav! Really works!

I bought this at my local Salon Centric in a value pack with a color. I always paint my nails at the worst times and end up smudging them or worse. With these drops it does not matter anymore! I have used them twice with not smudges or damage it is wonderful!

Love it! Long wear with base coat and top coat.

OPI is expensive but it last longer than most polish. It does not clump as quickly and the brush is the perfect size to cover my nails in three strokes or less which is optimal for good coverage. The colors are amazing and you always get what you see out of it. They average about $8-10 a bottle but it is a great investment.

I worked as a Salary Manager at McDonalds for a while and I have to tell you that with the heat and the grease this mascara was amazing! It held up from 6am to midnight! If you need a mascara that will not flake or smudge or move you need this!

Love the colors!

I love this palette. It was the first real palette I ever bought that was not drug store quality. I would like some of the other ones as well but they all seem to have the same black shadow and light shadow in them. That is the only thing keeping me from buying all of them. The shadow is very smooth goes on well does not flake off it is by far my favorite makeup item to date!